What are your phone humiliation trigger words?

Often in psychotherapy; the therapist will ask the patient to choose three words that best describe their current emotional state. Today; your Mistress is asking you to choose three words that best trigger your humiliation fetish.

Yes, I know you have a humiliation fetish. I hear the intake of your breath when I say certain words on the phone. It’s not missed by me when you ask me to repeat a sentence or you try to have me ‘fill in the blank’. For example, when you say; “Mistress what would you call a man with a 4 inch penis that wants to lick your butthole?” Oh, honey, I have lots of terms of endearment for a man like that! A never ending list of emasculating adjectives that will perfectly sum up just how I feel about you.

Now, you pick just one word from the list below………….

Bitch. Slut. Whore. Pig. Needy. Groveling. Cum-Dumpster. Cock-sucker. Dickless.

Next, add two of your choosing. Two words that you wish you could hear me say to you. Just two.

Finally; go down to the comment section below this post…………….and post ALL THREE of your phone humiliation trigger words. I know; other people will see it and you’ll be sooooooo embarrassed (I’m feigning concern for your non existent male ego here)………………………

Do it anyway. Do it right now. Make me giggle.