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Remember when naughty words were followed by Punishment from authority? Usually a school marm or the school nun inflicted a behavioral correction if you were caught! I remember being caught once and having to bite a bar of soap!

Oh, but how things have changed! Being allowed to utter any word you want; with no repercussion? Yet as a society we still find a certain grouping of words as ‘The Dirty Words’. George Carlin did a great comedy piece about the “list”. Some of the words on his list are much more commonly used now than then; we’ve also added some words to the list haven’t we?

I Love To Talk Dirty!

scarletstanding“The words I’m talking about….what are these words that I’m talking about? They’re just words that we’ve decided not to use all the time. That’s about the only thing you can say about them for sure! We just won’t use them allllllll the time.” – George Carlin

It’s true; the reactions we get when we utter or hear these words are so very different with each person! What about when you hear your Lifestyle Mistress saying these words? A well spoken woman can get her point across without using vulgarity; she’ll hold onto the use of a dirty word until that perfect moment. Isn’t there just something so sexy about hearing a beautiful woman speak a very filthy word? So far, you haven’t heard me utter a single one, yet you feel as though I have – don’t you?

Wouldn’t you love to hear me say……..mmmmm I’m being a bit of a cock tease aren’t I?

OK, here’s one dirty word for you……fuck. The truth is; fuck is my favorite dirty word. My favorite hobby, too of course.

Call me if you want to hear more – let’s talk dirty together.