I am a curious creature; especially when it comes to anything sexual! I’ve always been curious about sex toys; both for men, women, and couples use. My question for YOU today is: What is your favorite sex toy? And Why?

I’m doing research so that I can educate myself on the most amazing sex toys on the market; specifically for men. I’ll be using this research while creating Scarlet’s Sex Toy Store. I find that using a toy during a call can produce fantastic orgasms; both for me and for the lucky person on the other end. I’ve had the pleasure of directing and instructing callers in the use of specific toys on the phone in the past. I look forward to more! By gathering this information; I’ll be able to recommend the perfect toys for producing orgasms, denying orgasms, prolonging pleasure, and for teasing my favorite toys!

Some of the types of toys I have used in the past are: The Aneros, The Fleshlight, Butt Plugs, Suction Cup Dildos, and lots of cock rings. Do any of these interest you? Are any of these your personal favorite?

Please share with me here on my blog by posting a comment below; I promise I’ll respond! I’d like to know exactly what types of toys get YOU off. I’d also like to know if you have any favorites for using with a woman or on a woman, etc. I’m SO curious – tell me everything!

Also, if there’s a specific toy that you would like for me to personally try – please read about my offer to ‘Give it a whirl’ while you’re on the phone – how amazing would that be for the both of us? I’m not always a strict Mistress; sometimes I can be a sensual Mistress as well. You’ll see.