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Scarlet Asks: What Is Your Favorite Sex Toy? And Why?

I am a curious creature; especially when it comes to anything sexual! I’ve always been curious about sex toys; both for men, women, and couples use. My question for YOU today is: What is your favorite sex toy? And Why?

I’m doing research so that I can educate myself on the most amazing sex toys on the market; specifically for men. I’ll be using this research while creating Scarlet’s Sex Toy Store. I find that using a toy during a call can produce fantastic orgasms; both for me and for the lucky person on the other end. I’ve had the pleasure of directing and instructing callers in the use of specific toys on the phone in the past. I look forward to more! By gathering this information; I’ll be able to recommend the perfect toys for producing orgasms, denying orgasms, prolonging pleasure, and for teasing my favorite toys!

Some of the types of toys I have used in the past are: The Aneros, The Fleshlight, Butt Plugs, Suction Cup Dildos, and lots of cock rings. Do any of these interest you? Are any of these your personal favorite?

Please share with me here on my blog by posting a comment below; I promise I’ll respond! I’d like to know exactly what types of toys get YOU off. I’d also like to know if you have any favorites for using with a woman or on a woman, etc. I’m SO curious – tell me everything!

Also, if there’s a specific toy that you would like for me to personally try – please read about my offer to ‘Give it a whirl’ while you’re on the phone – how amazing would that be for the both of us? I’m not always a strict Mistress; sometimes I can be a sensual Mistress as well. You’ll see.

18 comments to Scarlet Asks: What Is Your Favorite Sex Toy? And Why?

  • cucky jake

    My two favorite toys are the tantus curve dildo held inside a harness strapped to my mistress. And mikes spikes cockring and ball stretcher that my mistress can tighten the spikes around my pathetic limp dick as she pleases. These two toys make me breathless just thinking about them.

  • Scarlet

    Oh cucky jake I just LOOOOOOVE tantus toys. I just bought ‘the purr’ and it’s now one of my favorite strapon dildos personally. I haven’t seen mikes spikes; that’s new to me I will certainly need to check that out!

  • fmc

    my favorites are the cobra libre, fleshlight and the aneros.

    solo is aneros….nothing beats it.

    rings are also great with partners.

  • Ray,

    Scarlet, my favorite toy is a very realistic suction cup dildo (modeled after an adult movie star). As mentioned it’s very real looking, and large :P. The suction cup means I can attach it to the wall in the shower…I guess the realistic aspect is what i like most about it,it fuels my fantasy quite well

  • james cullen

    fave toy is 9 in. cockshaped w/balls and ridged with thick ridges each qtr in as exaggerated veins .the name I forgfot but the pkg read “meant for ramming”. why?? I like its perfect thickness n length n those raised ridges sure make it “dirty ” n then it has 2 b cleaned a special sissy way if u know what i mean

  • Scarlet

    I am going to have to research the cobra libre! That sounds very exotic! What is your favorite part about the aneros?

  • Scarlet

    Oh yes, suction cups are the best! I wonder which adult movie star it’s molded from? So curious! And what exactly is ‘large’? 😉

  • Scarlet

    Meant for Ramming indeed! Wow; a 9 inch toy – that must’ve taken a while to work your sissy bottom up to!

  • toy

    i think my favorite toy is the tens unit. Different places to place it & such. There are many others. Depending on the mindset. But probably the tens!
    There are the 7″ & 15″ dildos. but those are different. + the 7″ functions best the 15″ is a bit for show.

  • Forrest Hicks

    My favorite sex toys are the Fleshlights, I have seven different textures now. I like to alternate between any two of them during a stroking session and I am amazed at how different they feel. I am very new to anal play and am currently working up the size chart on butt plugs. I am not really interested in the girth of them just the length. I have a few starter anal beads that I enjoy as well.

  • W

    I like my Rubber pussy, but I hardly ever get to play with it because she makes me cum too quick. Which is a big no no around the LDW Mistress’s, lol. We enjoy my nipple clamps (tweezer type) and cock ring. Ohh and the bullet vibe that she likes to have me strap to the head of her cock. She enjoys watching the pre-cum stream out of her dick.

  • Ray

    the star is Jeff Stryker and it’s gotta be 10″ or so, I haven’t measured it though…it takes two hands and a mouth to cover it

  • Sonali

    Miss Scarlet-

    I have a lovely GOLD VIBRATOR that I keep next to my bed. Its my fav toy! 3 speeds and a beautiful royal color. Its been used much but I seem to be so addicted to it :0

  • Alice Wonder

    Hello Scarlet,

    For me it’s my six inch suction cup dildo.

    It is the first sex toy I ever bought, at the request of Enchantrix Kelly (now gone) – the first domme I ever called.
    I guess part of it is sentimental, but when a domme has me gagging on it, it makes the call seem so much more real, like I am actually on my knees right in front of it with her soft hand against the back of my head just forcing me to take it in.

  • Carrie

    for solo play or play while on the line with an Enchatrix Mistress, I start with Doc Johnsons: Natural dong with balls, Catalog ID:DJ501501! Then if Mistress wants we go bigger!

    Why, well anything smaller is just a waiste of time! Sissies can be size queens too!

    Material:Rubber.Material safety
    Texture: Veined . .
    Color: Beige
    Length: 12″
    Insertable length: 10 1/4″
    Circumference: 6 3/4″
    Diameter: 2 1/8″
    Weight: 2 lb . .

    With a partner, using a strap on, it’s definitely the Doc Johnson: PINK Realistic 8 inch with a pink harness!

    Why? It is just an amazing experience, uncontrolled cum flows, even while limp! Wave after wave of controlable quivering, shaking, and trembling with in the body!

    Product details:
    Length: 8″
    Insertable length: 7 1/2″
    Circumference: 5 1/4″
    Diameter: 1 1/2″
    Harness compatibility: O-ring compatible / Vac-u-lock compatible
    Weight: 12 oz

  • jimssy

    well.yes Ms in the begin. it took a lil “courage” but i spoke out loud to my sissyself and learned to love just rammin it in. the ridges are like concentric circles all along the shaft. unfortunately only came in flesh,not black som i have an 11in by 2plus in thick black dildo w/a base . but i need to feel the balls so i had to get a 3rd cock blk w/balls n veins abt 9 in too. aalso a shorter much thicker white reallistic cock w/balls and an 18 in “the manhandler” is the name/ it has a sword like hilt hanle and about 10-12 in of cok also blk. I cant suck em as well as fuck em. enjoy using em as a gangbang esp if dressed in heels n lingerie !!!

  • jimssy

    hi mistress Scarlett. now I recall the brand name is “realistic” . and my fave, meant for ramming, is the 9 incher w/balls and accentuated concentric veins along the shaft.

  • missy laflamme

    You are going to be surprised, but i like my big cock dildo, it is soo lifelike…..and it is actually very aggressive…it forces itself into me, down my throat, and in my pussy…in and out…it makes me feel sooo femme…i hate never stops and i want it all the time, i suck it b4 work, and when i get home…like a good girl…..and it f-s me all the time, so i am READY for the real thing……i want one that spurts……but i am just playing like this till my new girlfriend cums along….so there..

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