Welcome to the November 2012 segment of Scarlet’s Sex Toy Store! Each month I will be recommending or raving about a sex toy. You can read all of my past product recommendations on my Sex Toy Store page.

This month’s recommended product is The Fleshlight. This male masturbator has been around for years and is still high in popularity because it just. fucking. feels. good!

I have had the pleasure of watching and/or listening to the Fleshlight in action many times. I encourage my strokers to use toys in their guided masturbation sessions. Adding a toy can really enhance the session! When adding the Fleshlight there’s even more possibility for teasing.

The very lifelike material (they call it realistic) and the design will really Turn You On! This toy is made to look like a flashlight so it’s very discreet and easy to store. The plastic cover just snaps off to reveal a very lifelike vagina made of real skin material.  Add a few drops of a water based lube to the tip of your cock and a few drops to your new lover. Take a few moments to touch and tease your tip by rubbing it up and down the tight slit.

As you slip your cockhead into the wet hole you will feel a gentle grip and a snug tug as a suction is created inside the toy (adjust the suction by unscrewing the cap at the bottom). Slip yourself all of the way inside of the 8″ deep canal. You can either thrust the toy up and down on your cock or you can do the opposite; thrusting your hips up into the toy.

When you’re ready to orgasm (unless you are in orgasm denial); you can cum right into the toy – she doesn’t mind at all!

Make sure to order your Fleshlight and any other sex toys and equipment through my Scarlet’s Sex Toy Store Link.

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