Scarlet Teaches Her Cuckold A Lesson In Chastity

Chapter 1 of 4

SO, again! My rather useless and pathetic submissive has failed to follow through on the most simplistic and mundane requests of his Mistress. Because of his selfish need to be a chronic masturbator, he’s been unable to provide the type of erections that Mistress expects. It’s become all too obvious that he has allowed his feeble mind to wander from its only purpose in life: to anticipate and fulfill My needs.  Now, he has given Me no choice but to create a punishment appropriate to refocus his attention upon Me, his Goddess.

he gave Me no choice!

I summoned him to My bedroom. Awaiting him; his punishment in all its simple but effective glory.  Upon his entrance, his jawscarlet13 slacked open since he knew this would be his worst punishment to date. Sitting on my cream colored silk ottoman were two items.  A delightfully devious bird lock chastity device and an appropriate diminutive padlock with a single key were awaiting their utilization.  I watched his face as he began to whimper and plead for mercy; pleading for a sound spanking or an extended flagellation…”MISTRESS! ANYTHING, but the chastity cage!”  He begged; in his typically pathetic manner.

Anything but the chastity cage!

I instructed him to strip naked and present his grossly insufficient manhood to Me. He did as commanded with well deserved trepidation. I slowly ran the edge of my cherry red lacquered nails along the underside of his balls and cock so that I would have something to actually put in chastity. Knowing a man’s flesh will always override any common sense, he reacted as predictably as the sunrise. His penis eagerly sprang to life against all of his will.

his penis defied him

I truly enjoyed seeing the stream of tears cascading off his cherubic cheeks as he followed my instructions on how to properly apply the bird lock device. I relished the sound of the final click of the padlock closing as I slid the key from the lock body.  His pleading eyes watched as I put the key on the delicate silver chain around my neck. I then dismissed him from My presence with just one parting statement; just loud enough to be heard over his whimpering and sobbing.

The lock clicked.

I said, “I hope you enjoy your new companion for the next thirty days….I’ll be back shortly with a suitable male that is sure to be much more eager to please than you’ve been. Now, you stay put………..”
I’ll be posting a new chapter every Friday………stay tuned to see what happens to our unlucky cuckold!