20160315_005730-1_resizedLet me read this to you. Listen here.

As you know; I love to learn new things. You might think that after being here for six years and having prior experience; I’d know everything there is to know about BDSM, D/s, fetish and kink. The truth is; we never know it all. I think once a person thinks they know everything; that’s when they’ve lost their passion.

I’m never losing my passion.

I have a large collection of books related to sex and everything to do with it of course. I’m not on the phone pretending to know what I’m talking about; be assured that I’m both knowledgeable and experienced. If you find a fetish or interest that I haven’t heard about; I’m going to open a book or look online to do some research. Today I want to recommend a book for you: Screw the Roses, Send Me The Thorns. This is a book that most people in the lifestyle are very familiar with. It’s kind of a ‘coverall’ when it comes to BDSM terms and such. While there’s so much more to it than what’s in this book; it’s a fabulous start for anyone that has an interest.

Are you interested?

Of course; while I’m recommending you do your research and find out how this works. I can’t help but recommend even more to having the experience with me on the phone. I can answer your questions about female domination, bondage and discipline, spanking, flogging, chastity, anal play – there are just too many things to list here. Call me – chat with me on yahoo – let me guide you through your exploration.

P.S. – Screw the roses send me the thorns means you would prefer a bit of pain mixed with your pleasure. The photo here is of my desk; that’s one of the roses from my rose garden.