Leather & LaceWhile im’ing (enchantrixscarlet on yahoo) with one of my favorite little cucky boys last night; we started sharing our favorite music and videos. I shared one of my favorite songs which happens to be Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks (with Don Henley of course). The title of that song reminds me of the differences between strict domination and sensual domination.

Let me explain. Let’s start with the leather side of female domination; we’ll call that the Strict side. So many of my callers are expecting or even needing strict domination. I absolutely love getting out a belt, a paddle, bondage equipment, strap-ons, and other implements of domination. Adorning myself in leather and slipping into those thigh high boots. Strict domination comes to me easily as it is something I’ve done for many years. I actually enjoy hearing the whimpers coming from the other side of the phone. A strict session includes harsh words, a strong voice (strong does not mean yelling and screaming), and a very hard demeanor.

The other side of domination is the ‘lace’ side; sensual domination. When I’m in the mood to be a sensual Mistress I may wear something more sheer and demure; something like my photo here – stockings and heels, panties, and a tight top to draw your attention to my skin and breasts. I will use my words, my body, and my touch to seduce you. You might wonder; how can you dominate me if you’re being sensual? Doesn’t that mean you want to have sex with me? On the contrary! I don’t desire to sleep with you; I desire to control you my pet. Imagine your mistress whispering these words into your ear. Masturbate now. An order given with a firm control yet a sweet and seductive breathy voice. The intention is clear; to control you.

Whether you prefer a strict hand or a sensual one; I’m here to provide you with either. Remember, we can have a session either on the phone or in an erotic chat.

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Kevin, masturbate now. (you know who you are sweetheart).