Dictionary.com defines the word cuckold in this way:

Cuckold: husband of an unfaithful wife.

For many men, cuckolding is a way of life. For others, it’s but a far away fantasy. I am here waiting couplesilhouette3to speak with you about your cuckold lifestyle or about your curiosity about becoming a cuckold.

There are many different ways in which to cuckold a man. I enjoy several varieties but the one I want to talk with you about today is the sensual style of cuckolding. Sensual cuckolding is a caring type. It means that the woman you are with cares about you and your happiness all the while craving her own satisfaction.
She will be the opposite from the dominating, humiliating hot wife or girlfriend; rather than laughing at
your unsatisfactory penis size or being a beta male, she
will be understanding and will say things like,

“Oh, honey I know it’s not your fault your cock can’t satisfy me. Not every man can have it all.”

While some cuckolds are kept in the dark about their wife’s plans for the evening; this style usually includes the cuckold in the actual preparations for the evening. Imagine helping your beauty with choosing her outfit for the evening, making reservations for her and her man, selecting lingerie and jewelry. You may even get to drop her off at his house rather than just watching her walk out the front door.

Let us not forget the joy of reuniting with her after an evening with her Alpha male. You won’t be made to go down on her and clean up any remnants (cream pie) from the night before. Rather, she will hold you and tell you all the details of their night together before you slip down and slide your tongue gloriously up and down the deliciously satisfied pussy of your cuckoldress.

Cream pie clean up is a mutual affair.

Sensual cuckolding may not appeal to you – you may want something more strict with your wife or girlfriend…or with me. Just let me know what style you’d like to try when we have a call together; I enjoy both sensual and strict cuckolding.

If you’d like to hear more audios from me that are all about cuckolding fantasies – here’s a list of what I currently have available in our audio store:

I Won’t Be Home Tonight (Cuckold) – Cost: $5
Hi honey. It’s me. I won’t be coming home tonight. I’m going to stay over at my lover’s house. We’re gonna fuck all night long. Don’t you worry….I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

My Date Tonight – Length: 8:44 Cost: $27
I’m home honey. I know we had a date planned but my lover called; that was more important. Let me tell you all about it while you clean my pussy.

Lucky Cuckold – Length: 7:57 Cost: $24
You are such a lucky cuckolded husband! I’ve brought home my lover, Rich to  teach you a brand new position! You’ll learn how to get his nine inch cock  hard and how to pleasure me as well! You lucky boy!

Valentine’s Cuckold – Length:  5:27  Cost: $18
Your wife is leaving you on Valentine’s day to be with her lover! She’s  spent all day at the spa and at the lingerie store getting herself ready  for a night of ecstasy; with your credit card! Wait until you hear what  your gift to her is and what she’ll be bringing home for you later.