It’s been a long time since I’ve tried a new sex toy. Honestly; I’ve been a very lucky girl when it comes to already having a delicious collection of toys! As a single girl I’m often taking things ‘in my own hands’ so to speak and this collection certainly helps with that.

About a month ago; I read a sex toy review of something called ‘The Womanizer’. I had seen this toy online and even in a store before but I didn’t give it much attention. I really hate the name; it reminds me of that Brittany Spears song and of course, of a playboy womanizer! However, the review that I read said that this toy felt like…………..”Oral sex resulting in multiple orgasms”. That’s all I needed to hear to get me to add it to my Amazon Wish List!

It wasn’t very long before I was on the phone opening this item with My favorite slave on the phone. Oh it’s very pretty with roses and a swarovski crystal. I have to admit; I loved teasing him by telling him I couldn’t use it until it had at least an entire night’s charge! I plugged it in and it blinked an awful neon green, then went solid – teasing me with it’s newness as it sat on my kitchen counter for not one night, but two!

The second night, I was on the phone with My slave again and I had to keep myself from screaming out every curse word in my vocabulary as the little silicone ring sucked onto my clit and had me orgasming in under a minute! Did you hear me? Under. A. Minute. I had absolutely no orgasm control whatsoever; this toy just took over!

Since then, I haven’t used the womanizer every day but I have used it at least six times. Every time gets even more amazing. Firstly; it’s not a vibrator. It does have a soft vibration to it but the part that really gets the job done is the ‘sucking’ that’s created once you place the silicone ring around your clit. I can barely get past the 2nd setting and I’m pretty sure there are at least ten! Every time I use it; that first contact with my clit and the power button and my eyes are rolling! This thing is truly amazing. I can’t imagine using it with a partner or during penetration unfortunately; it’s really something that needs precision contact.

I know My slave would love to imagine himself being between my porcelain thighs providing that sucking action with his mouth (pussy worship isn’t part of our dynamic tsk tsk.). But no. He’s lucky he gets to be my leg and foot slave.

Now, where did I put that charger? I think I know who’s sharing my bed with me tonight!