This is just a little note about shopping for your Mistress.

(If the shopping fetish isn’t for you – then please ignore this post and I can’t wait for our next call!)

Now, you already know that I love to be a Spoiled Princess. That much is true. However, I’m quite a refined princess. I love expensive things

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but I also love practical things. You know that my home is my sanctuary but it is also my den of desire, my zen space, where I entertain my friends and yes, where I like to play. While my wish list on amazon will always contain those beautiful things that I  know you can only fantasize about me wearing for you; it will always contain items that I need for my home, for my volunteer work at animal shelters, for my travel addiction, too!

You may wonder – will Mistress Scarlet be pleased with a set of wine glasses just as much as she would be with a new silk robe? The answer is…..yes. Yes I will be just as pleased. I put things in my wish list that I really desire; that I really crave. If you want to truly spoil me by shopping; then you’ll select the things I’ve placed there on my shopping list.

In case you’re not into shopping for your Mistress and you’d rather spoil me with cash – that’s also very easy to do during our next call. Just let the dispatcher know when she’s connecting us that you’d like to leave me a ‘virtual bouquet’ and she’ll add it right to your credit card bill. It’s so very easy. We can also do this during our call; I can send you back to the dispatcher to do it anytime.

If shopping or cash isn’t your thing but you want to spoil me somehow – you can always make me very happy by doing a call review on the Mistress Reviews website – I love hearing from you after our call and this is a wonderful way to let me know how much you enjoyed it.