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It’s time that I expose your Shrinking Fetish and Giantess Fetish! I know you’ve been wondering about one of the more unique fetishes that we explore here at LDW – so on my continuing tour of the LDW Universe I’m going to expose you to these two very similar fetishes………….

Shrinking Fetish & Giantess Fetish

In my last post; I wrote about Wonder Woman so it’s only appropriate that I’m following up with an article about the shrinking and giantess fetishes! Wonder Woman is a common giantess stereotype; because she’s quite literally an Amazon woman meaning she can beat the hell out of any man out there. Mmmmm. Clearly we can see why it’s hot to think about an Amazon or any sexy female superhero – they’re beautiful, stunning, smart, fit and the thought of being held down by their muscular thighs can send most men into a spiral! Domination and Giantess Fantasies really do go together.

The Feeling of Being Overpowered

Being overpowered by a woman of any size can be a huge turn on. Now, imagine that this amazon woman is actually very, very tall. In this type of fantasy; size does matter. If she is 6 feet tall compared to your 5’6″; then she already has the upper hand. Or, imagine she’s as tall as a sky scraper! You might have seen the movie ‘Attack of the 50 Foot Woman’; with her stomping around town scaring all of the villagers. What if you were the one she caught? What would she do with you? Would you be her captive?

Scarlet - Giantess & Shrinking FetishesSensual & Playful Giantess

Not all giantesses or amazons want to stomp around and be scary. Some of them, including myself, enjoy the more playful part of our nature. I love being a giantess. I adore creating a fantasy world where you and I can explore. Do you have some ideas? Have you seen a movie or read a story that you’d like to play out together? These fantasies work very well in sexy texting chat sessions and can also be extremely fun on the phone.

Recorded Shrinking Fantasies

If you would rather listen to a pre-recorded audio than have a live phone chat; I’m excited to let you know I’ve created several very specific audios about the Shrinking Fetish! Shrinking SolutionColony of Shrunken MenMy Tiny Gift