My latest feminization project has been going so well that I decided to take my newest sissy on a shopping trip for shoes!

To catch you up; I met a local sissy at a munch (a munch is a bdsm meet and greet) and was completely drawn to her! She was making quite an effort to pull off her little blue dress, makeup, and wig. I knew though that I could really help transform her into the most beautiful sissy!

We began having once per week visits in my home for sissy training. I would teach her lessons about walking like a woman, applying makeup, accessorizing, painting her nails, shaving, etc. We were having such a wonderful time!

Weeks went by and her progress was unbelievable. She was truly blossoming and transforming into a gorgeous sissy.

I soon received an invitation to attend a Fem Dom Mistress dinner and was allowed to add a guest to the RSVP. I decided that I would take my new sissy that I was so proud of! She was so delighted; she squealed with excitement when I presented her with the invite! We began piecing together an outfit immediately.

That’s when we ran into quite the problem.

As it turned out; my new sissy had no proper foot attire! She had no shoes!

In true form; I decided to turn our shoe shopping adventure into a sissy training lesson at the same time.

I had her get dressed in the complete outfit that we had chosen. She presented herself to me and looked stunning! The only thing missing was a gorgeous pair of shoes to compliment her stockings. Before we left my house; I had her bend over my bed and slide her panties and stockings down to her knees. She inhaled deeply and let out a sigh as I used my fingertips to lube up her ass and slipped a medium sized plug deep inside. I then had her pull up her panties and stockings as we set out the door.

The drive to the mall was quite interesting as I would look over and catch her grinding into the passenger seat. Her little clitty was getting swollen and excited just thinking about completing her outfit…….or was it the plug pressing against her sweet spots?

We arrived at the mall and walked inside; I knew just where to go for the perfect pair of shoes for my sissy. We walked into the posh shoe store and we both took a look around at the amazing selection!

I told my sissy to sit down on the bench and she looked into my eyes as she lowered her bottom down onto the bench. Closing her eyes as a sensuous sigh left her lips.

I went to the sales clerk and had him bring out several pairs of heels all in a size 13. I watched as my sissy squirmed and smiled as he helped her try on each pair. Surely her little clitty was close to exploding with all of the attention!

We ultimately settled on a pair of black pumps with a nice square heel and a peep toe. She practiced walking back and forth in the store and everyone agreed; she looked just perfect!

Shopping bag in hand, we walked back out to my car and made the drive home. Again, she was squirming and wiggling in the passenger seat. I told my sissy to slide her hand up under her skirt and to calm that sissy clitty down! She did as she was told and soon she was rubbing her hand up and down as she brought her clitty to an ultimate release. She may have had to ride the rest of the way home in wet panties but it was well worth the shopping trip!