Click To ListenIn case you ever have the distinct privilege of standing before a Mistress in a houseboy/slave /slut/service submissive/playtoy interview…………………..

Rule number one…………be respectful. Never forget who’s in charge. You may be an alpha male in your business life; but now you’re on her turf. You are no longer in charge. You are no longer an alpha. You are to be respectful in every way. You will not try to direct her, make decisions for her or treat her as an employee.

Rule number two…….you will always properly address your femdom. You will ask her how she would prefer to be addressed (Mistress, Miss, Madame, Lady, etc.) and you will always use it properly. Never assume that you know what she prefers.

Rule number three…….keep scheduling simple. She doesn’t need or want to hear your work schedule, your family schedule or your church plans. She wants to know two things…….what day and time are you 100% available to serve.

Rule number four……….you will pay the tab. No matter if it’s a coffee or a full meal; you are to pick up the check. Without hesitation.

Rule number five…… will have your cell phone on silent (not vibrate) and you will not look at it.

Rule number six…….the interview is not over until she says it’s over.

I wrote this blog post for you to reference. These rules can also apply for meeting with a real time Femdom Mistress for a domination session.