Six Things I Love!

Listen to me read this to you

  1. YOU – What do I love the most about my ‘job’? YOU! I’m so serious and sincere about that. I love talking to you, playing with you, being your phone sex girlfriend and spending time with you. Even if you’ve never called and just sixyearsread my blog from time to time; I appreciate you!
  2. Flexibility & Freedom – If you follow my blog and/or tumblr account you know that I am a gypsy! I have a bad case of wanderlust and have a very full social life. I love to travel – to yoga – to play – to go, go, go! You may have noticed I’ve been asking you to schedule your call with me; that’s what helps make sure that we can always connect – even when I’m on the go! You never know where you might catch me in the world – last year it was in Arizona, Utah, Las Vegas, Idaho, Spain and Italy! This year – I have Canada and Europe plans – stay tuned!
  3. Working For A Female Led Company. As Miss Daphne wrote a few weeks ago on her blog; we really are a team here and the principles behind our leadership are amazing! We are given the opportunity to create our own business; to become entrepreneurs! Our leader supports us and is always coming up with creative ways for us to learn, earn and have fun! I always feel inspired and empowered – I love offering phone sex; done right!
  4. The Other Mistresses – After six years; I’ve met many of the Mistresses here. We have had SO much fun together; traveling – frolicking – gossiping (never about you of course!). I can’t even express how much respect, awe, and admiration I have for every Mistress here. I absolutely love double Mistress calls. Miss Rachel has been writing about two Mistress calls on her blog recently and she wrote one specifically about doing calls with me (The Two Mistress Cocktease).
  5. Learning about other kinks – You’d think that I’ve “heard it all” wouldn’t you? You may expect that your kink isn’t “kinky enough”. None of these is true! Every time I answer the phone; I am excited! I am always ready to listen to your details about your fantasy, fetish, kink, roleplay story, etc. There are more kinks out there than I will ever know………..and I will never tire of hearing of them.
  6. Exploring My Kinks With You – If you didn’t already know; I really do live the BDSM lifestyle. I can’t always be in a dungeon or have a submissive worshiping my feet; but I can do it over the phone sometimes! Just like you call to talk with me about things you might not get to experience in real life all the time; I do the same thing. I get to ‘get my rocks off’ with you!
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