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Smart Girls Are Sexy

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Smart girls are sexy. They’re witty, insightful and they’re always wearing those funky dark-rimmed glasses. OK, maybe not the glasses but you have to admit; you’ve definitely fantasized about some of the more intelligent women you’ve known throughout your life. Is it just a fantasy though or does it flow over into your sexual interactions with women.

Mistress Scarlet - Phone Sex - 1.800.601.6975Do you fear female intelligence?

There have been disturbing claims making the rounds on the Internet lately that men are afraid of smart women. It’s all based on a study from the University of Buffalo that supposedly found that guys are turned off by talking to a brainy lady. Perhaps the guys at the University of Buffalo need to have some intelligent conversations with some of our LDW ladies! YOU already know how irresistible we are; how much you love calling in and speaking with someone that ‘gets it’.

Being smart makes a woman irresistible.

Luckily for you, all of our LDW Mistresses are brilliant women who are walking, talking contradictions of this ridiculous study. Talking with someone who keeps you on your toes makes for more sparks, more laughs, and way more interesting conversation. Obviously, if a woman has wit, intelligence and great conversation skills she’s going to get your attention. Every one of our FemDom Mistresses is a business woman, sensual muse and phone sex girlfriend all wrapped into one; because we are ALL smart girls!

I’m A Great Conversationalist

An intelligent woman is the kind of girl who tells great stories and the kind of woman who gets all your jokes. She’s a great conversationalist and she’s genuinely interested in the world around her. You probably already recognize the benefits of being in a relationship with a woman who engages you intellectually. Add in fantasy roleplay, sexy storytelling, sensual connection, focus and an educated knowledge of kinks and fetishes and your sapio-sexual quota will be on overload!

3 comments to Smart Girls Are Sexy

  • Ray

    You are absolutely right. I believe it was freud who said that the most important sexual organ is the brain. Smart women are way more interesting and complicated and even mysterious. Show me a guy who’s more comfortable with a ‘dumb’ woman and I’ll show you the ultimate objectifier.

  • Well, you definitely speak the truth, Ms. Scarlet! You and I have chitty-chatted in Skype with each other and I loved every moment of it.

    And you are right that the Mistresses here at LDW *are* wonderful with listening to our clients’ needs and then able to ask questions that offer even more insight into their minds… and kinks. *wink*

    I also love that you share that folks don’t always have to call for an orgasm, that if they have some life dilemma they need to air with someone safe and non-judgemental, we are here for them, too.

    Great post, Ms. Scarlet! I look forward to “conversations” with you again soon!

  • Ray is certainly right, to a point. These so-called ‘dumb’ women do have a fanbase of their own, and that is fine. Different strokes and all that. But I would be willing to wager it has a lot to do with a lack of self-confidence. Not every man thinks he has a lot to offer, so avoiding smart women is a great way to bolster his own self-image without the fear and worry of rejection. Of course, there’s no need for that here. We don’t bite unless asked.

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