LDW Group recently started a new website called Talktome123.com – the goal of this website is to reach out to the scarletlookingupgentleman that isn’t necessarily looking for kink/bdsm/fetish/sex talk but more of a friend, girlfriend, listener type of call. Keep in mind, the ladies here are able to choose which websites they are listed on and while you’ll find me listed on many sites in the LDW world; I was really excited to be listed on this new site! I wanted to share the bio with you so you could see that I do have a softer side…………………………………….

You can also listen to the Audio I made for the new site: Listen Here

Did you know that not so deep under this Mistress exterior is just the girl next door? Some would consider what I’m offering; “The Girlfriend Experience”. I’m ok with that because I guess what I’m looking for would be considered “The Boyfriend Experience”!

I’m an intelligent, romantic, and flirtatious woman looking to connect with a special gentleman on the phone. We can have conversations about all aspects of our lives; including sharing our sexual fantasies and talking about our day to day, too. I want to get to know you; the real you. I’m at ease when I get to just be the ‘authentic’ me and consider myself a compassionate, active listener. You will always receive my undivided attention.

There’s nothing like being able to open up and talk with someone comfortably on the phone. I want us to put smiles on each other’s faces! Consider me your confidant and your understanding girlfriend; with no strings and zero judgement. I lead an active, exciting life. I enjoy traveling, sharing a bottle of wine over a beautiful meal, going to a football game, dancing, learning something new, yoga, hiking, the beach, volunteer work, my circle of friends and so much more.

Here are some topics that we can use to “break the ice”:

Relationships – I’ve certainly had my share of experience when it comes to relationships; both platonic and romantic. I can listen, share stories and even give advice in these areas.
– I absolutely love to travel all over the world. Have we been to some of the same places?
Movies & TV – My DVR is on turbo record! I love watching movies and have many favorite television shows (House of Cards, Survivor, Family Guy, reality television, game shows). What are you binge watching right now?
Reading – I’ve always got my nose stuck in my kindle or in an actual, old-fashioned book! What are you reading?
World News – other than politics and religion; I enjoy staying up to date on what’s going on around me.
Business & Finance – I’ve been in the corporate world; I can relate to whatever stress you’re dealing with at work. I want to be there for that big promotion and be a comforting ear on the hard days.

I hope you’ll give me a call to see if we might have some chemistry. You’re welcome to email me anytime if you’d prefer to set an appointment. I also offer Yahoo Chat (enchantrixscarlet) through our Sexy Texting service if you would enjoy having online conversation rather than phone.

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