I have an exciting day planned! First I’ll be meeting several of my girlfriends for lunch in Palm Beach at a very, very posh place. They serve unlimited mimosas! After brunch we’ll all be headed over to the mall; you know the one with all of the most expensive stores. I plan to spend several hours shopping and spoiling myself. You see; when I shrunk you down last night I realized that it was only your body that shrunk! Your clothes…..and your wallet….well……those are still of a ‘useful’ size. Including all of your credit cards! You did always say you wanted to spoil your princess!

So, I’m going to just finish slipping my thigh highs up my legs and walking over to the closet to pick out what shoes I’m going to wear today. You just stay right there in the little crystal bowl I’ve put you in; unable to grip the sides to help yourself escape. Don’t worry little one. I’m not going to leave you in there all day while I’m out.

As a matter of fact……………………

I see just the shoes I want to wear today………………

the black louboutins with the six inch heel and the pointed toe…….

the ones with that red sole………

and most importantly……….

plenty of room right in the arch…….

for you!

Now let me get that little bowl. Don’t be scared. This is going to be fun! We’re going to have an amazing day and you get to spend it with me! I’m just gonna slide you right into my shoe and I want you to move out of the way as I slide my toes in……now slide your little body right under my arch…….that’s right…..and I’ll step my heel right down and…..voila! There! Perfection! They fit like a glove!

I’ll just grab my bag and head on out to meet the girls! Let’s go!


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