You already know how well I take care of my body. I’m always out on the paddleboard, the kayak or at the gym. You’ll hear me using terms like cardio, core, leg day, arm day, tabata, etc. when I talk about my work outs. I work out nearly every day; if I’m not heading to the gym I’m out for a run, on a hike or on the water doing something – sometimes I even do yoga on a paddleboard! I know how much you love to think about pleasing and worshiping your Goddess.

Today I was at my gym and my trainer had me doing squats; like the entire workout! She had me stand with my feet shoulder width apart; had me bend at the knees and squat my ass back towards my heels. My bottom was merely inches from the floor each time (or so it felt like it was!). I couldn’t help but think about you as I was doing this move over and over again. You’ve been talking about my ass so much lately; how much you want to kiss it and touch it – to worship it really. Doing squats made me think about how this workout would be the perfect ass worship position!

Imagine it – I’m in my tight yoga pants and a sports bra; my favorite sneakers and little socks (want to buy me an outfit? See my wishlist!). My hair is up in a long ponytail. You’re lying on the floor. Flat on your back. I’m standing over you; with one foot on either side of your head just above your shoulders. Keep your eyes open and watch as I squat back; lowering my perfect ass right down to sit on your face. Staying there for the count of 1 – or 2 – or 3 before thrusting myself back up. Then, doing it again. And again. And again. Mmmmmmm! You would never want me to stop!

Talk about an amazing way to worship my ass! Mmmmmm! Now, what other gym moves do I do that could be turned into worship positions?????? Let me know what your thoughts are!