October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month (just in case you haven’t seen the sea of Pink products all over theSqueeze Those Boobies! place!). The focus is on women’s self exams, awareness, and the search for a cure. I was thinking though; what about my boys? What about YOUR boobies?!

I did some research and I was shocked to find that 1 in 1000 breast cancers occur in men. It’s true! Women are more prone to breast cancers because of female hormones, continual changes in the breasts, and more breast tissue formations (such as milk ducts). While men’s breasts tend to stop growth after puberty; this doesn’t mean that you are immune to breast cancers.

What about my Girl’s that are taking estrogen hormones? Well now you are also changing your breast tissue; making you a slightly higher risk as well. Keep this in mind Girls!

Let’s learn how to do a breast exam (for Men, Women, and my Girl’s!):

– First take a nice, warm shower. This helps soften the breast tissue.
– Now either do this standing in the shower or lying on the bed.
– Using your pointer finger and index finger of your left hand; cross over your chest and start at the outermost part of your breast; creating clockwise circles around the tissue. Now spread out and do these cricles over your whole breast.
– While moving your fingers; close your eyes and focus on what the tissue beneath the skin feels like. Note any lumps or bumps.
– If all feels normal – Great! Now keep doing this at least once per month and it will be easier for you to notice any changes.
– If you feel anything abnormal – do NOT panic; there are many other things that could cause an abnormality – just call your general doctor and make an appointment.

I encourage everyone to go take that warm shower and squeeze those boobies, today! And – if you’d like a personal lesson with me one on one; just give me a call and I’ll walk you through the exam.

Don’t forget to support your local breast cancer research organizations, fundraising walks, and click per day websites.

Save the Ta-Ta’s! (You’re welcome for the gratuitous boobie picture!)

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