This is Part 2 of 5 of Steven’s Dream Session With Scarlet for your reading and/or listening pleasure.  Read Part 1: Here

“Slut, I am not sure if you are deserving of such a treat, now stand up and I will inspect you”.  I nervously stand at attention and I canscarlet3 feel her riding crop begin to hit me at my flaws. Miss commands me to stand straight, eyes down and every little movement is met with another riding crop hit. Miss finally walks around to the front of me and now I can see her clearly in all of  her beauty. She continues to inspect and begins to laugh and starts poking at my now semi-hard cock with her crop.

“Slut, really, do you really think this pathetic cock can actually please your Miss? Do you really think you’re man enough to satisfy me? Do you realize slut, that my lover’s cock is soooo much bigger than yours?” I begin to shake and beg and plead with Miss that I would do anything to please her and I’m interrupted with “Did I give you permission to speak slut?” I softly confess “No Miss, I am sorry. I’m unworthy.”

Miss slowly slides down her panties from underneath her skirt and quickly shoves them in my mouth and again, I feel like this is a gift I am completely unworthy of. I can taste her wetness on the panties now in my mouth and I am dizzy with arousal. Then I am blindfolded and now begin to feel the rope being wrapped around my balls stretching them and now, my hard cock is straining against the rope as well. I am then lead by the rope around my balls to another room and am instructed to get on the table and get on my knees with my face down pressed against the table with my ass up in my air and my arms pulled through under my body and tied to my ankles. I am not sure but I think I am on the dining room table tied up and displayed in bondage like the main course. I’m trembling with excitement and humiliation as I am naked and exposed for Mistress on her table.

Miss than proceeds to explain in a bit more stern voice, “Slut you have disappointed me by being late and now I am going to put a plug in your ass and then punish you with a spanking with my wooden paddle, once for each minute you were late. Do you understand slut?” All I could do was barely mumble a “Yes Miss” through the panties in my mouth. I begin to shake as I begin to feel Miss rubbing the paddle on my ass in preparation for what is to come.