This is Part 3 of 5 of Steven’s Dream Session with Scarlet for your reading and/or listening pleasure.  Read Part 1: Here – Read Part 2: Here

scarletlookingupI have not had anything in my ass in a really long time, so the small plug that is now stretching my ass feels huge and that feeling reminds of being the slut toy that I long to be. The 12 whacks are hard, fierce and unforgiving. I am ordered to count and thank Miss for each spanking. Again the counts are muffled by the panties. It has been a long time since I have received a real spanking and my body begins to shake and twitch from the pain. Although I am blindfolded, Miss can tell that I am on the brink of crying and Miss sternly says, “Slut, if you cry like this for 12 little whacks then maybe next time I discipline you, I will have to dress you up like a little slut with panties and heels and invite my girlfriends over for tea while we all laugh at the new girl and discipline her! I think you’d like that, wouldn’t you panty slut?” At this point I am confused and nervous and not sure how to properly answer so I just mumble something through the panties.

At that moment with my hole stretched, my ass glowing red and my cock and balls straining through the rope, Miss removes my blindfold and now I can see her beauty sitting in front of me on a chair with her legs spread wide open. She is switching between rubbing her pussy with her fingers and using a toy. Miss sweetly explains to me “Slut, with all of this disciplining you have gotten my pussy wet and I don’t think you are deserving of tasting me so I am going to sit here and cum while you helplessly watch. Then I am going to untie you and you are going to go home with your orgasm denied. Do you understand slut?” This time Miss removes the panties from my mouth and I can properly say “Yes Miss”.

Our story isn’t yet over! Still two more chapters to go…..stay tuned!