Toes In The Sand

Oh my goodness is it ever gonna be a hot summer here in South Florida! It’s early July and already the temperatures are rising – rising – rising! You know what else happens when the heat is on?

The Clothes come off!

That’s my favorite part of summer; being able to practically live full time in my bikini….or less! Here in South Florida; we even have some all nude beaches. I don’t frequent them, but I have certainly visited them with my group of kinky friends!

Have You Been To A Nude Beach?

Now, I do have to be very careful when it comes to too much exposure to the sun. I am, after all, a fair haired and porcelain skinned goddess so I have to be slathered in sunscreen whenever I spend a day out on the ocean or lounging by the pool. Some would say that I don’t hold a tan; but I do freckle! Care to keep track of them for me?

If you’d like some ideas of how you can serve your Goddess in the summer; here’s a list of ideas for our next phone call and in between:

– Offer to provide a Body Worship session to slather sunscreen all over my delicious body – don’t miss a spot!

– Be a cabana boy for me and my girlfriends. I love a submissive man that can wear a cute little speedo while serving ice cold beverages!

– Take some time to send me something from my brand new – Scarlet’s Summer Wishlist on Amazon! These are all items that I would love to have – and I love, love gifts!

– Foot rubs! Oh how I love foot worship! After being in my flip flops all day long; a nice juicy foot rub is always a treat!

I look forward to having a hot summer – with you! Give me a call or let’s have a Sexy Texting session soon!