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My Pre-Recorded Audios List!

Prices listed are BEFORE the 15% discount


Chastity Cuck Gets Milked – Length: 13:23 Cost $42 Listen To Sample
I’m home from my long night out with my lover; I can’t wait for you to taste me! But honey I realize that I haven’t used these chastity cage keys dangling between my breasts in quite some time. Hmmmmm. You have been in that cage with no release for months now! Perhaps tonight’s the night my chastity cuck gets milked!

Men Need Chastity – Length:  5:19  Cost: $18
Oh you poor thing. How long has it been since you’ve been allowed to cum? Not – Long – Enough!

I’m Not Gonna Let You Cum – Length: 5:00 Cost $15
You don’t really expect me to let you cum do you? I am going to own your cock and your orgasms. You’ll gladly turn it over to me when I use my body to tease you. Once it’s mine, I’ll be making all of the decisions. Just as it should be.

Intro To Female Led Relationships & Chastity – Length: 14:31 Cost: $45  Listen To Sample
We’ve been dating for a while and I’m ready to take things to the next level! Let’s talk about entering into a Female Led Relationship; complete with chastity! Wouldn’t it be so exciting, for both of us, for you to give me full control over when and how you cum? Oh it turns me on to think about it! I have a chastity cage right here; let’s try it tonight! Want to be my good boy and start an FLR?


First Time Hot Wife – Length: 3:32  Cost: $12 Listen To Sample
You and I decided to try hot wife cuckold play; I asked you to find a bull for me. After all of the searching and all of the planning; I finally went out with him! Here’s the voicemail I left you that very first time we hooked up…………..”Hi honey. It’s me. I’m at the hotel. I just wanted to check in while he’s in the shower; oh honey you picked such a stud! We met at the downstairs bar and before I even knew it……………………………………………..”  buy the audio to hear the full voicemail! Themes of: cuckolding, hot wife, cream pie, cheating, bull, teasing.

You Want A Slut Wife – Length: 4:35 Cost: $15
Obviously this isn’t the first time a man has come to me for advice on how to turn his wife into a slut wife. I have found that most men fantasize and jerk off while thinking about their wives being fucked by other men. Listen as I share the advice that I’ve cultivated over the years; what your wife really thinks, what she really wants and how to help her become a slut wife. This audio will be helpful for men that think about their wife/girlfriend sleeping with others and will also be excellent listening for any man that knows he should be cuckolded by a woman. This is a conversational audio; not a roleplay.

Beta Cuck Training – Length: 8:30 Cost $27 Listen To Sample
Scarlet has been cucking you for a while now. Your small penis just wasn’t good enough for her was it? Tonight; she’s bringing her Alpha bull home. How will you compare – literally – cock to cock – how will you compare to him? Let’s find out; shall we? This audio is fun and sensual; not cruel or mean. An sph theme of course.

My Date Tonight – Length: 8:44 Cost: $27
I’m home honey. I know we had a date planned but my lover called; that was more important. Let me tell you all about it while you clean my pussy.

Lucky Cuckold – Length: 7:57 Cost: $24
You are such a lucky cuckolded husband! I’ve brought home my lover, Rich to  teach you a brand new position! You’ll learn how to get his nine inch cock  hard and how to pleasure me as well! What a lucky boy!

Valentine’s Cuckold – Length:  5:27  Cost: $18
Your wife is leaving you on Valentine’s day to be with her lover! She’s  spent all day at the spa and at the lingerie store getting herself ready  for a night of ecstasy; with your credit card! Wait until you hear what  your gift to her is and what she’ll be bringing home for you later.

Cum Eating Coaching

Condom Clean Up – Length: 6:51 Cost: $21 Listen To Sample
I’m so tired of dealing with you and your little dick. You are just so needy; asking for sex all the time. I’ve come up with a new way to handle you and your dick LOL I’ve created a condom clean up scenario – complete with a totally new way of how this household is going to work! Now, put on this condom and get on all fours!

Cream Pie Craving – Length: 4:01 Cost: $12
Are you craving a cream pie cucky? I bet you would just love that slippery center from your wife or hot girlfriend! Listen in as I humiliate you about your juicy cravings.

Cum Kiss – Length: 6:56 Cost $21 – Listen To Sample
This sensually erotic audio will guide you through a scene where you get to masturbate for me; yes, right in front of me. As I direct you and excite you; I will tempt and tease you to taste your pre-cum with me and to have the ultimate finish; a delicious cum kiss.

Eat Your Cum – Length:  5:52   Cost: $18
Mistress Scarlet wants you to Eat Your Cum. Listen along as I guide you to doing just that!

Eat Your Cum Shot – Length:  6:33   Cost: $21
In this audio I am going to help you get the courage you need to eat your  cum out of a shot glass. I know it sounds delicious. You’re going to eat it all.


A Severe Punishment – Length: 19:56 Cost: $60.00
There you are. Caught red handed in my bedroom. Holding a silky pair of stockings and a satin panty. I always knew you deserved punishment; now I will administer it! I’ll be using my leather strap, wooden hairbrush and a crop. Prepare to receive a proper strict punishment!

Slave’s Ass Whipping – Length:  5:45  Cost: $18
Mistress whips her slave for cumming without permission! A spanking and ten whips with his own leather belt (with sound effects)! Slave must be disciplined!

Foot Fetish

Foot Slave Foot Job – Length: 6:27 Cost: $21
You are Mistress Scarlet’s foot slave and today is your lucky day. Not only do you get to worship my absolutely delicious feet, but you get a foot job, too!

Giantess & Shrinking Fantasies

A Colony of Shrunken Men! – Length:  05.00.35  Cost: $15
I love my colony of shrunken men! One drop of shrink cream and you can join them!

Big Betrayal – Length: 7:26 Cost: $24 Listen To Sample
You’ve heard the rumors. A giant monster that preys on and devours little men just like you. The fear is what’s kept you safe this long. Against your better judgment, you set out across the endless bedroom floor, hoping to find answers………………..This fantasy story is read by the narrator and the Giantess; this amazon is interested in that micro cock of yours! She’s been waiting for you; is she a friend…..or a foe?

Giant Detention – Length: 8:23 $27 Listen to Sample
You’ve been sent to detention, yet again. Miss Amanda has a special pill that will definitely help you…..focus. Soon you’ll find yourself sniffing the cherry scented lotion she rubbed on her feet this morning. You’ll also feel like a bug underneath her sole. Will you last the whole detention?

Let’s Play A Little Game – Length: 14.40 $45 Listen to Sample
The giantess has a collection of tiny men to play with. During one of her erotic torture sessions she decides to play a little game with them; see if she can make them squirt their cum…..or they’ll be eaten! Do you think you could hold out?

My Tiny Gift – Length:  4:55  $15
Mistress Scarlet receives a tiny gift from the LDW Mistresses! A one inch tall little man! This is a slow audio; describing my discovery of the package and what was inside – then figuring out what to do with him!

Shrinking Solution – Length: 9:11 $30
You’re a porn, panty and fem dom addict. It’s time that you’re put in your place. I’ve used a shrinking solution with the intention of reducing your sexist needs and desires; but it’s had an overall effect! Instead of just shrinking your penis down to size – it’s shrinking your entire body!

Snatched – Length: 3:21 $12 Listen to Sample
Snatched and taken home to become nothing more than a plaything for a Giantess. She has a fetish for having her feet worshiped…..kissed…..adored……and she delights in feeling a warm, fleshy, tiny body squirming underneath. How long can you last?

Squished After A Walk – Length: 3:56 $12 Listen to Sample
She’s returned from her walk. Her feet just out of her sneakers; ready to be worshiped by her one inch tall play thing. She loves to feel your lips against her toes. Your skin against her arch. She may not be able to contain the pleasure she feels when you collapse; give in.


Am I A Faggot? – Length: 3:32 Cost: $12
You want to know if you’re really a faggot? I’ll give you my VERY honest opinion.

Beat Off Bitch – Length: 8 Minutes $24 – Listen To Sample
You pretend to like it nice and sweet when you jerk off for me; but now I know what a wanking little pervert you are. Caught you sniffing my panty crotch again; and this time – no sensual, slow masturbation for you – I’m gonna call you every name in the book and turn you into my Beat Off Bitch! This audio has themes of: JOI, Humiliation, Panties *brief*, Masturbation Guidance, Name Calling & Intense Release!

Faggot Humiliation – Length: 5:36 Cost: $18
You’re a faggot. Are you in denial?. You may think that since you haven’t actually sucked a real cock that you’re not a faggot. But the truth is….you stroke your dick and you think about it. Faggot.

Humiliation Session – Length:  7:14  Cost: $24
This is for all of the pathetic loser bitches out there that just need to look into the eyes of a mistress and tell her the truth. While they’re getting laughed at and humiliated of course!

Teeny Tiny Wager – Length:  4:49  Cost: $15
Mistress Scarlet wants to make a bet. Six inches or less than three inches? Care to play?

The Evil Escort – Length:  8:53  Cost: $27
The Evil Escort and the tiny dicked loser! He thought he was gonna get  laid! He paid for an entirely different experience!

Your Penis Is Too Small Honey – Length: 5:15 Cost: $18
Honey, it’s time you knew the truth. We’ve been married for three months and I just can’t stop thinking about it. You need to know. Your penis……it’s too small. I don’t want it anymore. I’ve got other plans. This audio is for the man that’s interested in small penis humiliation and cuckold scenarios.

JOI/Masturbation Guidance

Beat Off Bitch – Length: 8 Minutes $24 – Listen To Sample
You pretend to like it nice and sweet when you jerk off for me; but now I know what a wanking little pervert you are. Caught you sniffing my panty crotch again; and this time – no sensual, slow masturbation for you – I’m gonna call you every name in the book and turn you into my Beat Off Bitch! This audio has themes of: JOI, Humiliation, Panties *brief*, Masturbation Guidance, Name Calling & Intense Release!

JOI: Stroke My Cock; Tease & Deny – Length: 7.07 Cost $21 – Listen To Sample
That’s MY cock. I want you to follow my instructions and get that cock incredibly hard just for my pleasure. Allow me to guide you through a JOI session………………..will you be teased…..or denied? Listen and find out.

Ringtones (all genres)

Am I A Faggot? – Cost: $5
Mistress Scarlet offers a candid answer to the question: Am I A Faggot?

Daily Reminder – Cost: $5
Hi. This is your daily friendly mistress reminder. Don’t. Touch. That. Dick.

Head Out Of Your Ass – Cost: $5
Get your fucking head out of your ass and answer this god damn phone!

I Won’t Be Home Tonight (Cuckold) – Cost: $5
Hi honey. It’s me. I won’t be coming home tonight. I’m going to stay over at my lover’s house. We’re gonna fuck all night long. Don’t you worry….I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Mistress Is Calling – Cost: $5
Answer the phone slave. Mistress is calling.

Pantyboy – Cost: $5
Hey everybody! This guy’s got panties on underneath his business suit! :Giggle: Pantyboy!

Pick Up The Phone – Cost: $5
You’ll want to answer when you hear my voice!

Pink Pantyboy Ringtone – Cost: $5
May I have everyone’s attention! The man holding this phone is wearing pink panties! It’s true! He’s a pink panty boy!

Ring A Ling Ling – Cost: $5
Ring a ling ling – let go of that ding a ling!

Slave, Put On your Collar – Cost: $5
It’s time. slave, you may now put on your collar. Buckle it tight around your neck and do not take it off until I give you permission to do so.

Slave, Take Off your Collar – Cost: $5
slave, you may now take off your collar. Put it away and do not put it back on until I tell you to.

So Fucking Pathetic – Cost: $5
Oh look at you. You are so fucking pathetic. :Laughing:

Tiny Little Man – Cost: $5
Psst….hey there. It’s me. Pssst. Can’t you hear me? Aren’t you gonna answer the phone? Hello-o…..ti-ny…lit-tle…ma-an. It’s your giantess calling.

Worthless – Cost:  $5
Answer the phone you worthless piece of shit!

You Are A Chastity Slave – Cost: $5
You’re A Chastity Slave. You Will Not Touch That Cock Today. I will not let Cum Today. You Are A Chastity Slave.


Honey, You Love Cock – Length 6:33 Cost $21 Listen To Sample
“Honey, remember when we were watching porn together the other night? You know; I looked over and I could see you staring at that big cock! I thought maybe looking at his big cock was getting you even more excited when we were having sex. I found a video called big cock compilation and I was wondering if you might like to watch it with me?” – this fantasy audio is sensually playful; a woman discovering that her lover enjoys looking at cocks just as much as she does! There is no humiliation theme; just enjoying cock together while watching porn in bed.

Lingerie Tease – Time: 4.07   Cost: $12
The Scarlet Mistress loves sexy lingerie. Listen as she describes her most  favorite outfit.

Falling In Love With Pantyhose – Time: 5.01   Cost: $15
How The Scarlet Mistress first fell in love with pantyhose. Listen as  she puts on her favorite pair.

Sissies & Panty Boys

Christmas Panty Boy – Length:  5:53 Cost: $18
I’ve always wanted to have a Christmas panty boy. Listen as my husband receives a gift of his first pair of panties on Christmas.

Honey, Are Those My Panties?! – Length:  5:03  Cost: $15
Your wife catches you wearing her panties and lipstick. At first she’s shocked but then gets turned on as she watches you stroke.

I Must! I Must! – Time: 5.32   Cost: $18
The Scarlet Mistress teaches you a personal favorite exercise for increasing that bust! “I must increase my bust!”

Pantyhose Stroking Session – Time: 6.01   Cost: $18
The Scarlet Mistress guides you through a pantyhose stroking session. Grab a  pair of your favorite pantyhose; sit back and listen as you stroke.

Pantyboy Viewing Party – Length: 7.41 Cost: $24 Listen To Sample
Did you think I wouldn’t notice that you’ve been rummaging through my panty drawer? Oh your secret is SO out! I have a surprise for you when you get home today…………I’ve invited my girls over for a pantyboy viewing party! Want to know what happens? You’ll have to grab my new audio to find out!

Sissy Cum Slut Dildo Training – Length:  7:26  Cost: $24
Scarlet teaches her new cum slut just how to suck a cock and how to clean up after herself, too!