It’s Scarlet’s Sunday Pecker Parade!! I am going to be taking calls and texts all day long – but I’m not alone! I have one of my favorite lifestyle friends, Mistress Kathy here staying at my home until tomorrow afternoon. I’ve told her about some of my favorite webcam superstars and phone strokers and she is SO excited to see for herself!

Won’t you join me and show Mistress Kathy what a Pecker Parade is all about? I want an all day parade of peckers – peckers of all sizes – big and little – short and stout – long and strong – bring it ON!

All you need to do to have both of us watching and talking with you today is to message me at and set up an appointment – or IM me on yahoo at enchantrixscarlet to set up an appointment.

Get your webcam ready if you have one – because we are READY TO WATCH!

P.S. – This call is considered a regular call/one mistress call – even though there are two of us here! It’s your lucky day stroker boy!