Have you ever been Tempted to Taste?

Tempted to Taste?

Would you prefer to hear my voice? I’ve made an audio for this blog post; click to listen: https://eroticaudios.com/content/Scarlet/scarlet-temptedtotaste.mp3

I remember the first time I tasted myself. I’m not talking about licking my own arm or kissing my fist (oh yes as a girl my fist got lots of action!); I’m talking about the ‘real’ me. My feminine juice. My womanly fluids. It happened when a lover had finished giving me a fantastic orgasm with his fingers and his tongue. As he slid back up from between my legs; I didn’t hesitate when he slid his wet fingers into my mouth. It wasn’t until later that I realized what had happened. It was SO hot! I tasted delicious if I do say so myself! After cleaning off his fingers; he french kissed me and I was reminded of how wet and moist I was. To this day; I find bodily fluids very hot and I don’t ever mind sharing.

As time has gone by and experiences have multiplied; I’ve remembered that first time and find myself wondering about men tasting themselves. Have you been tempted to taste?

I have helped many callers and lovers when it comes to tasting their own cum (many men find me on the coached cum eating site). It’s something I find extremely erotic! A man that is confident enough to taste or even eat his own cum?! That is HOT! It can be a submissive act as well; even quite humiliating! I can use a man’s cum to turn him into a dirty little cum eater! No matter how it happens; I can only imagine what it must be like when that first drop of pre-cum is on your finger……you’re looking at it glistening there……I whisper in your ear……’taste it. taste it.’. Mmmmmmmm.

So, are you tempted to taste? Give me a call for some erotic phone sex or let’s have a sexy texting session. I would love to be the temptress that helps you that first time…..and second….and third……!

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