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Dick taker. Don’t you love hearing me say that?  What if I was calling YOU that?

Are you a “dick taker”?

You think you’ve been doing a good job keeping it a secret. Surely nobody knows what kind of porn you’ve been watching and having extended masturbation sessions to. Not a single person would ever guess that you’ve been fantasizing about being a cock sucker. It’s your dirty little secret; the fact that you want to bend over and take it.

 I know what you are.

You were searching for someone to guide you, to accept you, to tell you that it’s ok to act on your craving for cock. I will guide you. I will accept you. I will tell you that it’s completely ok to seek the cock you’ve been needing for so long. We can fantasize about it, roleplay it, I can motivate you.

It’s time for you to take a dick.

For real this time. You’re going to do it. Call me. Let’s talk about it. I’ll keep your secret.

(side note: I want you to know that it’s ok if you want to be verbally humiliated about your interest in cock – it’s also ok if you don’t want humiliation at all but more of a sensual, intellectual or simply conversational discussion about it; perhaps with some guided masturbation.)