Mistress Scarlet - 1.800.601.6975They say life is in the small moments. I believe that. When I have a fantasy; it’s not always about being a lifestyle femdom or even about sex. Sometimes……it’s just about connection……………..

His fingertip was barely moving.

I watched him intently. His fingertip exploring the area of my right hip. He was lying on his side with my ass pressed up against his chest and his head resting along my waist.

We’d been in bed for what felt like days but was probably only an hour or so. We weren’t recovering from a vigorous sex romp; we were just enjoying each other.

Intimacy. Touch. Closeness. Trust.

His fingertip slid about half an inch further down. Then to the right half an inch. Then up a quarter of an inch. Then back.

He leaned forward and placed a kiss at the juncture of my hip and my waist; using his strong hand to turn me onto my back.

His fingertips found that place again; there, on my hip. His eyes soft and focused. Fingertip moving again, down a bit, up a bit. Again, one lazy kiss in one soft spot.

He looked up at me then. His dark brown eyes connecting with mine. He smiled. That smile that melted me. He shook his head side to side and sighed. I asked, ‘What is it?”.

He said, ‘It’s time to update the freckle journal. There’s a new one.’

I hope you enjoyed my fantasy. It may have been a memory. Who knows anymore. Do you want to explore my body in a worship session or perhaps you’d like to just try foot worship? Let’s schedule some pillow talk soon.

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