Sheriff Scarlet

‘Homecoming queen caught shoplifting at local Dillard’s!’

This was an online headline that caught my eye recently (actually, it was sent to me by a very naughty online friend of mine). I read through the article and it was just as it sounded; a small town homecoming queen had been caught on video as she walked into a dressing room with several articles of clothing and walked out carrying none. Busted by security; she confessed her kleptomania and was promptly charged with shoplifting.

Along with the news story; there was the ever loving picture.  A sweet looking 18 year old blonde with tears streaking through her mascara as she posed for her jail house picture. She looked so pathetic! Just like a little cocktease princess!

I’ve known girls like her my whole life. Pretty with not a lick of sense in their heads. I’ll tell you what I was thinking as I read that article…….

I was thinking just how much that girl needs a good ASS WHIPPING! A good, old fashioned whipping with a thick leather belt! I imagine myself as Sheriff Scarlet; having the deputy bring the bad girl into my office. I would have the deputy leave her handcuffed as he sat her in the chair in front of my desk. I’d say, ‘Well, well what do we have here? A very spoiled, naughty prick tease brat who thinks she can get away with stealing from hard working people? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to teach you a lesson the old fashioned way. And you won’t tell a soul or I’ll add even more time to your sentence! Now stand up and walk over to this side of my desk and bend over!’.

That would certainly satisfy my spanking fetish!

I’m smiling and laughing as I write this; thinking about that little ass turning red as I teach her a lesson!

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