Read this blog post: Scarlet Reads The Stroker From Down Under

Hi there my kinky blog readers! Rarely do I find myself talking about actual people that call me. I like to keep my time with you private; just between us. However……

Sometimes there’s a caller that is just begging – wanting – needing to be talked about. Craving that exposure. Absolutely erect with anticipation of seeing his name on my blog. Today, my lucky stroker is Matthew. I’m calling him…..

The Stroker From Down Under

That’s because Matthew is from Australia (like in my last blog post – he has an australianpantiesamazing Aussie accent – g’day!); so I say he’s from ‘down under’. Now, Matthew is no stranger to phone sex, as a matter of fact I think he’s quite the phone sex addict. But that’s not all Matthew is addicted to. You see, Matthew is quite fond of his dick. So fond of it in fact that he plays with it for hours every single day! He’s a very frequent masturbator and he’s very experienced in edging during masturbation! Sometimes, he even plays with……

Dirty Girl’s Panties!

Yep. You heard me. Sometimes Matthew likes to take dirty panties and rub them all over his dick! Oh what a dirty pervert! Now everyone knows what a panty fetish he has! Just the other day Matthew called me and he had a fresh, filthy pair of panties with him. I believe they were sheer purple panties. Or maybe they were hot pink with black lace trim? I get my panties mixed up. Anyway; he told me he could literally see that the crotch was still moist. I listened to him inhale deeply and then the moaning started. Did you know that a person can actually moan with an accent? It’s true! I can’t help from laughing my booty off when I hear his anxious grunts and groans as he gets closer to making that big mess in that pretty little…wet….panty…..crotch. What a bad boy!

G’day Matthew!