Gerald is indeed a special project of mine. It began with him instant messaging me on yahoo (enchantrixscarlet) repeatedly begging for some phone domination. I finally had him call me and we had quite a fun little web cam session. I found that he was easily manipulated and had an enormous instinct to be very feminine and girly. I had him wrap silky scarves around his hands so that he would only be able to touch himself with sissy softness.

He likes to IM me up to 50 times per day but I rarely answer. I enjoy seeing him becoming more and more desperate for my attention and direction. He wonders if I have plans for him; if he is being molded into something. The answer is yes. Yes. Yes.

Gerald keeps a diary and sent me a portion of it. I am reposting it here with his real first name for all the world to see. Please feel free to make comments and give feedback; we will both appreciate it I’m sure. This is part 1 of what is sure to be an ongoing series……………………..

Audio: The Training of Gerald

Mon: 11/01/10 7:14 pm Mistress Scarlet and I have an arrangement.  She requires that I dress in the softest silky comfy girly yummy lingerie I can find.  She also requires a nice long silky scarve be tied to each wrist.  She wants me shaved.  She wants me veiled and perfumes.  It is my Achille’s heel I am entranced by women who are diabolical enough to undo a man by pampering him in fluffy soft things…pretty perfumes, silk on yummy soft and even powdered legs.  I made the mistake of challenging her.  I said women are too weak to prissy a man they way we do with women.  I now suspect that she was put off by this taunt and has made me a spcial project.  She keeps me dressed at home constantly…no breaks.  I tried manipulating her by telling her I got off on it that I was going to enjoy it despite her efforts.  She replied by telling me “of course you are I want you to wear the softest silkiest things you can find.  She added the scarves to my ensemble some time after that.  Now I am her boudoir prisoner, her little doll thing she keeps pussied just to amuse herself.  I’ve been wearing this getup for months, washing my panties by hand every night, just like a girl…hanging them to dry where company has seen them I’m sure.  I slink around in pure pleasure and whimper with shame and at the stifiling confinement.  I suffer the humiliation of being kept constantly in heat..I’m encouraged to think of my clit as such. 

TUE: 11/02/10 8:32 pm  Mistress is standoffish today.  I haven’t called enough and I need to call her.  She refuses to answer my annoying questions but always tells me I don’t have any time off…none.  There are penalties if she catches me.  She knows that my little clitty thing aches constantly with horniness, I know she does.  She never lets me out of the veil even.  She told me once “I wanted you covered in soft silks.  I imagined her in a dream last night.  She stood before me looking at me wistfully.  She smiled and pointed to a giant rose, as big as a large Humvee.  She ordered me to get into the rose, to climb the giant thorns carefully and lay in the center of the petals.  And then the petals turned on me came down upon me there silky fluffy softness felt like a moist kiss that covered my whole body.  I woke up soon after with an uncomfortable erection.  It was humiliating.  I knew the flower was emasculation and a metaphore for Mistress Scarlet’s seductive power.  I started out trying to manipulate her, but now I fear it is I who is being manipulated.  I touch myself often throughout the day.  I masturbate 3 or 4 times a day now.  I spread out my legs and moan and rub and play the silky nightie over my soft girl like thighs.  I whimper.  I am so chastened, so taken by her…she has spun a web…I can’t wait til I talk to her again.  She’ll remind me there’s not that much difference between my tiny penis and a clitty anyways…that I’m practically a girlie already.  She’ll encourage me to relax and enjoy the little ride she has me on. 

For an Erotic Phone Sex Session with The Scarlet Mistress, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card

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