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Are you on Tumblr? I’ve finally seen the light and have started my very own Tumblr page! Won’t you tumble for me?

For some reason I keep humming the song ‘I’ll tumble for ya’ by the Culture Club comes to mind! Did you know that, in Australia, the phrase “tumble for you” means you’ll swap 69 positions? Usually two men do it! Go figure! I’ll tumble for ya….I’ll tumble for ya…..!!

So, back to Tumblr. I was recently chatting with the amazing Mistress Meredith
and she was telling me how much she loves socializing on the Tumblr website. I was a little skeptical and she just recommended I take a look around and see how much fun it is. I signed up for my very own page later that very week!

As it turns out; many LDW phone sex connoisseurs have Tumblr pages! One of my callers, jack off Andy, has a Tumblr page where he keeps a collection of photos of very large cocks shooting their loads. One after another; a whole page of big cocks cumming! You bet I kept that link after our phone call; I visit his page often and then get lost in the screen of cocks! I also saw a tumblr site that was all about face sitting and smothering which I find amazingly erotic. Oh – there are MANY tumblr pages dedicated to sexy red heads; like me! I’ve followed several of them and will be re-blogging their goodies here and there.

Take a moment to follow me on Tumblr and I’ll follow you back. Thanks!