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Tom Thumb; The Tiniest Penis In The World?

Have you heard about Tom Thumb? He’s a frequent caller of mine and wow is he good for a giggle! I love talking with him. He sounds so timid and shy; it’s quite a reflection of his penis I think!

Another sensual phonesex mistressMistress Stephanie gave Tom Thumb an assignment. She told him to go somewhere with his tiny little stump sticking out. Then to have a little squirting accident and see if anyone noticed the tiny little wet spot. As far as I’m aware; he hasn’t completed this assignment yet. Perhaps some performance anxiety? Hmmmm.

I’ve decided to give Tom Thumb a small penis humiliation assignment of my own. Tom Thumb; I want you to take out a measuring tape and lay your tiny little penis right next to it. Will it make it past two inches? I doubt it! I want you to email me a picture of your tiny member against that measuring tape. The picture here is my guess at just how small you really are! I can’t imagine it being more than 3.5 inches long!

I’m sure some of the other mistresses you’ve spoken with would love to see just how tiny it is. Maybe we could even create an award for the Tiniest Penis In the World! I’m sure these pictures and this award will provide me and other ladies with many hours of giggles and laughter.

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2 comments to Tom Thumb; The Tiniest Penis In The World?

  • Actually, Ms Scarlet, I have yet to receive evidence that Tom has done any of his public humiliation assignments. Have you seen evidence yet of his small penis? I know it will be fun to see proof, although I do think he is too embarrassed to actually follow through!

  • Scarlet

    Empress Stephanie – no, I have not seen any evidence as of yet! He injsists on a 4 inch penis but I am inclined to believe that it is more like 3. Especially due to his hesitance to prove it!

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