I want to share a story about my new real time submissive. His name is George and we met at a play party. He approached me and could barely make eye contact; he was so nervous. We stayed in touch and had dinner a couple of times. At each meal I would question him about his past experience and what type of things he’s looking to experience. It turns out he’s into a lot of fetishes that I’m into such as Crossdressing, Chastity Training, Strap On Training, Anal Training, bondage, Queening, and much more.   I could feel that he was open to me and that he would make a wonderful submissive………but only after much training!

For George’s first assignment; I had him go to the local women’s clothing store and purchase a pair of pink panties. I sent him this in a text message and gave him only one hour to complete the task. My only requirements would be that they were pink and that they had lace on them. He texted me after the task was done. I then told him to go into a bathroom and put the panties on! After that; I had him come to my home (bringing me of course a bottle of wine and a beautiful orchid).

Once here, I had him strip down completely and his new pink panties were revealed! They were an obnoxious color of pink and had a ton of lace – Perfect! I then had him kneel in front of me while I pet his hair and talked with him about limits and safe words. I then adorned his neck with my favorite collar. Some of you may be familiar with it. It says:

Mistress Scarlet’s Filthy Cum Slut

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