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twistedtwisterRemember the game of Twister? You know; the one that has the colored circles on a big vinyl matt and a coordinating flick and spin board? Did you know that it was originally called ‘Twisted Twister; Kinky Floor Play’? Clearly, it was re-packaged to make it family friendly; however leave it to me to make it kinky once again!

I remember playing Twisted Twister with my friends long ago; the memories are so much fun!

Recently, I was at a play party where the Twister mat was lying on the floor.
However, the flick and spin board had been completely changed! The corners that
said Right Foot, Left Foot, Right Hand, Left Hand had been left alone, however
the colors had an entirely different meaning than your traditional Twister game!

Did I mention that multiple people played this game?

Red: 20 strokes of your penis or 20 strokes of your clitoris
Blue: Have another player suck on your left nipple and then suck your right.
Yellow: The nearest player to your ass gets to give you five slaps!
Green: Whoever’s cock/pussy is closest to your mouth gets 30 seconds of service!

This meant, if you flicked the spinner and it landed on Right Foot Red – you had
to move your right foot to a red circle and then immediately stroke your cock
twenty times!

You can imagine just how much fun it was with several people sharing the mat!

The game didn’t last very long; soon it was a free for all on the Twister mat
as the players were turning each other on past the point of no return.

Want to have a fantasy roleplay with me? Fancy a game of Twister? Let’s Play!