Maybe you’re new to the LDW Universe or maybe you’ve always just had awesomely hot fantasy phone sessions. Well, now you see that LDW Is offering 20% off all sexy texting sessions in May and you’re wondering; what we can do in a sexy texting session?! This blog post is being written so that I can send the link to anyone that asks that question in the future; it’s going to be all the blog posts I’ve written about it over the years and some tips on some sexy ways to spend time together. Yum! is one of my favorite sites around here; because it makes it possible for us to session together without you needing to go through dispatch or even use a phone at all if you don’t want to. You can also use a pre-paid credit card there if you’re being a little sneaky 😉 The word ‘texting’ confuses some people because it seems as though it might be messaging on a cell; but it’s not. It’s texting on skype – like chat. That’s what it was first used for; back in the days of Instant Messenger; we used sexy texting to spend time having naughty chat on Yahoo and AIM. Things have certainly changed and progressed from back then!

So, first things first, you’ll need a Skype account. Don’t be nervous; you do not ever need to use your cam or be on video. Skype is chat only unless you tell it otherwise. You can sign up for one on any device and use whatever username you want. Once signed up; you’ll want to add me. Just use the search to find thescarletmistress. Add me right away and the next time I’m online; I’ll say hi! There’s no charge whatsoever for just saying hello and establishing a new contact on skype.
Now that that’s done; now what? Now you’ll want to decide just what type of sexy texting session you’d like to have. Here are the options:

  • Live Chat – this is only chat. No voice. No cam. Just. Chat. It’s so secret; nobody around you will even know! After confirming that I’m available by messaging me on skype; you’ll purchase the amount of time we agree on at and then you and I will spend that time together having live chat – just you and me; no distractions! We can be as naughty as we want or we can just talk about your day; totally up to YOU!
  • Voice Call – this means that you’ll do the same as above; buying the amount of time we agreed on, etc. however this won’t be chat – it will be voice! We’ll use the skype call to talk to one another; it sounds just like the phone.
  • Voice Call with Video – just like above except YOU will turn your cam on as well! That’s right; you can share your cam with me! It’s so fun! We’ll hear one another and I’ll be able to see you the whole time! Have you ever been naked on cam before? I’d love to help you make that CFnm fantasy come true!!

When you want to have a session; the first thing to do is see if I’m on skype. It doesn’t matter if you see me on the websites around the universe; just look for me there as I love to hang out! I made a little cheat chart on how to tell if I’m online, busy or away on skype – here you go:

Making more sense now? I sure hope so; because I’d love to connect with you on skype! I’ve also compiled some of my past blog posts with ideas on how to use skype/sexy texting for your fantasy sessions…..

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