Listen to me Read This Blog Post for you.

This blog post is not for the experienced cock slut. You are already a fluffer.

This blog post is only for the guy who’s new to the whole penis pleasuring fetish!

I use the term ‘fluffer’ quite often. The other night though; I used the term and someone didn’t have any idea what I meant! I suppose it’s easy for a phone sex Mistress to use a certain ‘language’ that may include words that not everyone understands.

Just in case you’re not yet sure what a fluffer is; let me explain.

A fluffer (in the way I use this word – see the fun graphic for another definition) is a man that helps get another man erect. He is going to suck, rub, kiss, worship and generally pleasure that cock until it’s nice and hard. Why does a woman like me (or a woman like your wife if you’re a cuckold husband) need a fluffer?

First of all; it’s hot. Women like it. I love to see a subby suck a cock for me. It’s absolutely amazing! Watching him get that dick nice and hard for me – YUM!

Secondly – it just reminds you as you’re sucking that the cock you’re enlarging is allllll for Herrrrr. Once that cock is hard and ready; his attention will turn to her entirely. He’s going to use that cock to pleasure in ways you can only dream of!

Allow me to use this new word in a few sentences:

“Thank you for getting him hard for me fluffer!”

“Come here fluffer, this cock needs atttention!”

“Awwww I know you want to be a good fluffer; let me give you some cock sucking instructions.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about one of my favorite naughty words. Call me if you want to practice being a fluffer!

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