Hi there! I am so excited about Christmas and the New Year! It is such a wonderful time when people are in jolly moods and especially generous with their time and their fantasies, too. It’s only a few days into December and I can already sense the change!

This blog post is just a ‘what’s up’ post. Letting you know what’s on my mind and what I’m up to this month.

Thank You For Spoiling Me! – Firstly, I have some thank you’s to dish out. I am always so delighted when one of our lovely dispatchers lets me know that someone has left me a Virtual Bouquet (another word for a cash tip or tribute) before or after an amazing call with me. These bouquet’s make me smile from ear to ear and I am so thankful when you take that extra step to show me your devotion and appreciation. I also have to thank whoever it was that recently sent me several of the books I had in my Amazon Wish List! If you don’t already know, I’m an avid reader. I am always curled up with a good book before bed or lounging in the hammock in my back yard escaping to some fictional world than an amazing author has created just for me. I’m not sure if I’ll like using a Kindle instead of holding a paperback, but I have put one in my wish list and I’m willing to give it a try!

My December Schedule: I will be making myself very available between now and the 15th of December. I will have family in town after the 15th until after the New Year so my schedule will be changing slightly to accomodate their visit. As always, I welcome appointments and you may schedule one by emailing me at scarlet@enchantrixempire.com or IM’ing me on Yahoo as enchantrixscarlet.

Currently Working On: I’m currently doing research for my next Sex Toy Recommendation; to be posted this month! I’m also working on a blog post titled ‘The Cum Position’……some of you know it 😉

A Testimonial – You can read and leave testimonials about your call(s) with me anytime on our Mistress Reviews Page. Here’s my most recent one that made me smile with my heart and soul:

Would you call mistress again?: Without hesitation, and without a doubt I would call Her again and again.

Would you call service again?: Yes

Suggestions: Mistress Scarlet has the most beautiful, alluring voice that just beckons you to go and kneel before Her. That is to go along with the most wickedly, creative, and intelligent mind that you will ever encounter. Topping it all off She is a very beautiful lady and will simply mesmerize you when you are in Her presence. I guarantee you will want to call Her again, and again.


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