Well hello there! It’s been just one day since my birthday marathon – thank you so much to everyone that called and had sexy texting sessions with me. I loved it! I also want to thank my callers that gave me tips after their calls (yes, you can do that!) and to those who sent me gifts they purchased for me from my very personal Amazon Wish List. I have thanked all of you individually but wanted to thank you here as well; you made Mistress’ birthday a very special one!

I was chatting with one of my favorite callers the other night……we’ll call him ‘G’. ‘G’ was telling me that he had a mistress request to bring him to a kinky outdoor festival with thousands of people in attendance. The catch is that he has to be completely naked with only shoes, a collar, and a hood! I, of course, insist that he go and report back to me……………….don’t you all agree? If I were to request that you attend a festival with me in the nude; you’d say yes, right? I know all of my pets would just love to be following behind me on a leash!

Talking about this reminded me of a gift another Mistress’ brought me from a BDSM event that she attended. She brought me a plastic paddle that said ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’. We both thought it was hysterically appropriate for a Mistress (me!) to use it on a male submissive’s willing ass! The very night that she gave it to me; I found a submissive groveling on his knees to have me give him a spanking. I had him strip down and climb up on a spanking bench. I warmed him up just a little with my hand; taking my time to build up the paddling. He was loving every minute of it; his little ass swaying side to side in the air and his little dick dripping all over the leather. I asked him if he was ready to take it up a few notches and he vigorously shook his head up and down saying ‘Yes, Mistress Please!’. I winked at the other mistress and grabbed my new plastic paddle.

I rubbed the plastic against his pink ass cheeks; letting him feel the implement he’d be getting his spanking with. I started off with a very close to the skin paddling and worked my way up to long swift strokes. I worked over his left cheek and then worked over his right. His bottom was turning a lovely shade of violet and I wanted to make sure to really make it even! I reached the paddle down between his legs and found his hanging dick and balls. I lifted them up with the paddle and bounced them against it. I pulled the paddle back and realized he had gotten his sticky drippings all over it! ‘Look at the mess you made on my brand new paddle!’, I said close to his ear. ‘I’m so sorry Mistress please let me lick it off!’, he whimpered. I brought the paddle up under his face and had him lick the entire thing! ‘Clean it up you filthy little bitch!’, I said loudly so everyone could hear.

I took the paddle from underneath him and continued with his spanking. ‘Harder?’, I’d ask. ‘Oh yes please Mistress!”, he’d say. We upped the level of paddling several times and then one last time I took it up one more notch. I swung my arm back behind my head – placed my other hand on his hip – stepped forward with my foot – and let it swing! WHACK! CRACK! I was stunned to see that my brand new paddle was split in two! One part in my hand and one on the floor far away. I had him whimpering underneath me as he said his safe word and I allowed him to crawl up onto the couch and covered him with a blanket. I walked over and picked up the other half of my paddle while my Mistress friend and I had a very good chuckle! I had to take a picture to share with everyone; and here it is! Oh, the irony!

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