My Gorgeous New Shoes!    Click. Click. Click.

    That’s the sound my heels make on the tile.

I’m holding the phone to my ear and taking a leisurely walk through the hallways of my home. My listener can hear the click as each heel hits the tile. Click. Click. Click. Is he imagining my long legs walking towards him as he anticipates my next step? Will he be lucky enough to worship my feet?

There’s something about high heels. What is it? Is it the way they make my ass look? The way they elongate the backs of my legs? Perhaps it’s the way they frame and support my delicate foot? Whatever it is; I know they’re damn sexy!

I was chatting on yahoo IM (enchantrixscarlet) recently with one of my favorite callers. He has an intense foot fetish! We play on the phone while he listens to the clicking of my heels. On an evening when we weren’t able to chat on the phone; we decided to go window shopping instead. I had placed a couple of pairs of high heels on my Amazon wish list and he fell in love with a pair of leather peep toes with a corsett running up the back. Imagine my pleasure and surprise when he told me that he was purchasing them for me – that I deserved them! Oh yes indeed!

It was a couple of weeks later that the package arrived. I immediately knew what was inside. I’m very, very good at prolonging enjoyment though and I waited another week before opening the package. I set my microphone up and recorded it. You may listen if you’d like (he had the pleasure of being sent this audio privately as a thank you).

My New Shoes – Click to listen to the audio (of me opening my brand new, gorgeous shoes).

So again I say, thank you my foot worshipper for these most gorgeous and f’ing sexy shoes! I absolutely love them and already have a scene in mind for them. I’ll be sure to post afterwards.