I’ve made a new audio for you; it’s called ‘Your Penis Is Too Small Honey‘. You can find it in the  Enchantrix Audios store along with my entire collection of Exclusive Erotic Audios.

All of my audios were inspired by a phone fantasy call that I’ve had or a particularly memorable caller. I have an audiologoentire list of ideas that just keeps on growing with every new kinky, naughty story I hear! The inspiration for my newest audio, of course, came from a caller we’ll call ‘little one’.

Little one calls me about once per week and he always turns his cam on for me so I can be reminded of exactly how he earned his name. I’ll never forget the first time I saw it, I had to giggle so hard I put my hand over my mouth! Of course, little one relishes in the sound of my laughter and he does whatever he can to keep me amused. I do love my cam entertainers!

Little one told me about the night when his wife of several months finally admitted to him that his penis wasn’t satisfying her. Now, personally, I can’t imagine how she could have waited so long to tell him, but it is what it is. She revealed the truth to little one and from that moment forward; their relationship changed. He was completely humiliated by his dominant wife! She began to cuckold him and started sleeping with a stud co-worker. Soon, little one found himself in a full time cuckold relationship with a hot, sexy wife! Good for him! See, there is hope for men with small penises!

I hope you enjoy my recreation of the conversation that may have happened between little one and his wife….or between you and yours!

I also make Custom Audios – do you have an idea for a hot audio? Something personal with your name in it? Just email me and let’s talk about it!