It’s a glorious day when a woman realizes what it’s like to give a man a set of blue balls to take scarlet11home with him. I remember being a cock teasing princess in college and reveling in the fact that I would never have to give it up. I’d torment my dates with tight little mini skirts and high heels. Letting their hands wander over my body, even allowing the occasional lucky jock to pleasure me with his fingers and/or his mouth. I’d relish in the fact that all night he would be wining and dining me, assuming he was going to get to have that animalistic orgasm that he so terribly thought he needed, only to find that I just wasn’t ready for one reason or another. He would find, date after date, that his orgasm would be denied.

They always come back for more.

You see, I figured out pretty early on that a man with a case of blue balls is like putty in a woman’s hands. It’s true. I think it’s natures way of helping women get what they want. When I have a man all riled up and ready to blow that load of his….I can ask him anything. I can ask him FOR anything. And I’ll get what I want. It’s a game of give and take really.

I get what I want.

I take what I want and in return, he gets the pleasure of my teasing and denying! Oh yes, of course, the occasional man has broken through my chastity belt, I am only human you know!

So I ask you, have you had a case of blue balls? If so, tell me the story in the comments below. Or, better yet, give me a call and tell me all about it. I’d love to listen. Mmmmm.