I see you shiver with antici……..pa…..tion!


Listen to me Read This To You

Have you ever been to a live show of Rocky Horror? I have! Oh it is so much fun! You know how they always bring lots of props to the show? If you haven’t been; let me explain……………..it’s a movie with a cult following; think sex, transgenders, sex, naughtiness, sex and tons of innuendo! People flock to the show and if they are playful people – they will play dress-up and they will bring tons of props! Imagine men dressed as women, hot nurses, the perfect male specimens, lots of skin and makeup! During the movie; there are certain ‘props’ that will spring up from the audience – umbrellas, squirt guns, condoms, crackers, rice, newspapers, rubber gloves, toilet paper…..the list goes on and on and on!

There’s no crime in giving yourself
over to pleasure.

So, this got me to thinking…………………………why don’t you bring some props to our next phone sex session? You could order something online or you could raid the kitchen! I can give you a great list of ideas on what to bring to our next session – as a matter of fact; I made an audio a long time ago called ‘cock toy scavenger hunt‘ all about what to bring to a cbt session. Of course; any masturbation session can include toys and props!

Here are some items/props for you to look for: lotion, lube, a cock ring (this could be a shoestring, a hair scrunchie, thin rope), things to stimulate with (think the tines of a fork, a wooden spoon, anything tickly or scratchy), ice, icy hot – dildos, an anal plug, toys – anything to help me with cock teasing you! What are you waiting for? It’s time to go looking for props for our next session!

A mental mind fuck can be nice!