Listen to me read this fun fantasy to you: Listen To Scarlet

As the temperatures drop here in gorgeous South Florida; I find myself spending more time relaxing by the pool. I love to put on my favorite black bikini, grab a bottle of cold prosecco, some fresh fruit, a towel and just head to my favorite lounge chair.

cabanaboysignThere’s just one thing missing…………my personal cabana boy!

We all know that I’m a bit of a cocktease (a bit?!)…..can you imagine yourself being requested as my one and only personal cabana boy? Let’s imagine it; shall we?

Your uniform will be just a pair of board shorts and a cute little bow tie (or a submissive collar); you can pick the color. Go ahead and take a minute to soak in the sight of me just lounging back in my black bikini. It’s quite small of course; with the tiniest brazilian cut bottoms and the top is strapless with some dangling black fringe across the bust. My Michael Kors flip flops are lying nearby and I’m wearing a big floppy black hat to protect my sensitive skin.

You’re probably mesmerized at this moment; completely oblivious to the fact that there are several issues here! Snap to it Cabana Boy!

Mistress needs a fresh glass of prosecco with a perfectly ripened strawberry on the rim. After that; you will need to use the spf 50 sun bum sunscreen to coat my skin – of course; it’s the spray kind! Did you think I was going to have you rub lotion directly onto my skin with your bare hands? Oh, please.

I’m through with you for the moment my submissive slave. Go ahead; make yourself invisible until I snap my fingers for you………….or you see my glass is empty………………………or if the sun starts to get to touch my skin and you need to move my umbrella……………………..if I want you to strip down to your birthday suit and walk back and forth in front of me…………you know; cabana boy duties!