Chapter 2 OF 4


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Several days have gone by with my miserable and useless cuckold moping about whilst my loins are developing quite the urge for a very filling cock and a man who knows how to use it.  I’d decided several days earlier that it wouldn’t be my burden to find a suitable replacement cock; I’d use my cuckold’s celibacy and chastity against him! I summon my pathetic excuse of a male to my bedroom.

The Scarlet Mistress“My dear, how long has it been since you’ve been able to touch your greedy cock?” I ask in an apathetic tone. He answers back in his feeble boyish voice, “Mistress, it’s been five excruciating days so far.” “Hmmmmm, five days are you certain?” I retort.  A feeble “Yes,” is all he responds; knowing he’s been caught again in a lie.  I walk over to my calendar on the credenza and flip to the notation for when I locked him in chastity. I slowly touch each square as I count the days out loud. “Well my dear, not only are you a poor excuse for a man; you cannot count either!” I say. As he mumbled and choked on his own words I inform him that he has earned yet another punishment.

How long has it been locked up?

“Since I have needs and you are unable to service them. I require you to find me a suitable replacement,” I say sternly. “Now my dear, I know this is going to be extremely humiliating, humbling, and rather degrading, but you do want your Mistress’s need satisfied. That is correct isn’t it?” I state in a matter of fact tone. I begin my explanation of his assignment.

It’s time for an assignment.

“I want you to go find me a male capable of pleasing me in every way I deserve. You are to go to the business district, to one of the more sophisticated after work cocktail establishments. You know the type, one you would never patronize. You must seek out one of the handsome executive looking Alpha males that garners all the ladies’ attentions. He must be well dressed in a sharp well tailored suit. I want him dark haired; dapper and distinguished; chiseled jaw line; light colored eyes; and a commanding presence, as if he were the male lion surveying his pride.” I demand of him firmly.

Find me an Alpha male

“Once you find such a male, you must approach him humbly, subserviently and politely to explain your predicament. You must be totally honest in that you are seeking a suitable male to satisfy your Mistress’s sexual urges because you are a failure. He is to replace your pathetic excuse for a male member. Now darling, do not forget to mention that you are in chastity due to your own masturbation addiction.  You must bring him here to me no later than 3 evenings from tonight. Otherwise you will certainly find the punishment for additional failure quite unbearable.”, I finished my demands and dismissed him from my presence.

Hmmm, three days. I wonder if he’ll be able to keep an accurate count this time?

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