Ever given a bro job?

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Just when I think I’ve heard it all……………….the headline on one of my favorite gossip sites says ‘Bro Jobs becoming more popular!‘. I just had to click because I had never heard the term ‘bro job’ before! As it turns out; a bro job is just what it sounds like – when two men give each other a friendly bj! Apparently it’s something that more male friends are doing with each other; it’s an urban pop-culture phenomenon! It’s an entirely new idea……or is it?

Are bro-jobs a new idea?

I have spoken with hundreds of men over the years that have shared with me some of their first man on man experiences. Often times; it was as part of what I’m referencing here; a ‘bro job’. The scene could be set in the boy’s locker room after football practice. Some friendly smacks on the ass lead to the two of you fondling each other’s cocks. Innocent enough. It only happened that…one….time. Or what about having some friends over for a party and putting on some porn; noticing the ‘tents’ in each other’s pants. One of you gets the guts to pull his dick out and the rest follow suit. Before you know it; it’s a full on circle jerk!

What’s a Circle Jerk?

A circle jerk is when a group of guys sits around (in a circle or just sitting around the living room) and they masturbate themselves to orgasm. Sometimes; they masturbate each other! Sounds like just one more step and you’d have a group bro-job!

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