Did you know; you can experience self care and healing through erotica and sexual exploration? I often receive feedback messages such as these: “This made me feel so much better! Wow, was I wound up and now I feel so much relief.” “I appreciate having you there for me.” “Thank you for helping me talk through that experience.” “Work has been so stressful; I look forward to being able to relax and let go with you Scarlet.” You may have read my more recent blog post called ‘Let’s Slow Down & Feel More‘. I loved writing that post because it was all about slowing down your masturbation. In this post; I hope to share more about how to open up and explore your fantasies, your kinks, your sensual self!

I want to assure you that nothing you say to me – nothing you share with me – will be judged.
LDW is a no judgement zone!

I do have a lot of personal experience with sexual healing and sexual therapy of all kinds. While yes, I mostly delve into the more fetish and fantasy parts of erotic phone sex; I’m also very interested in helping a man heal. I’m interested in helping you on your journey towards a healthy sexual self awareness and enlightenment. Offering you a place to not feel self conscious, to work on your interests, to feel that you have privacy and security in revealing and exposing your deepest interests – these are some of my goals here.

Your desires, experiences and fantasies are unique. When we’re together on the phone or in a live chat session; you can trust that I’m holding space for you. That you’re safe with me. I won’t judge, I won’t hold anything against you whatsoever. You can be open and honest with me; I’ll be your confidante. The only way to move forward is to move through; that’s what I always say. Moving through means sharing, talking and processing with someone that you feel connected with. I do hope that you and I can make that imperative connection so that I can be here for you through your journey of exploration and possibly; healing.

What are you keeping inside? Are you hiding from your fetish? Let me help you explore.

I understand that sometimes it can help in the healing process to re-visit some of those deeply rooted secrets. To share experiences that still leave you with questions about your sexuality and desires. Exploring memories that have carved your current yearnings, primal thoughts and urges that seem too powerful to resist. Are you having some issues with your intimate relationships? Do you want to explore something you’ve only thought about? We can talk about them, I can ask questions that will help you understand them more, we can even role-play to make them feel even more real to you. Whatever we feel is in the best interest of your forward movement; we can explore together. That’s the most exciting part of it all; that you’re not alone – you have someone to be fully present with you – completely mindful of your needs.

Cuckoldingsph – CEI – Body Worship – Gooning – Domination – Insert YOUR Fantasy Here
Submission – Service – Bi-FantasiesCFnm

Consider me a guide, a muse, a partner, someone you can trust and open up with. Let’s take our time getting to know one another; I’m very curious about you and your interests. You have my promise; I want to be here for you. I want to help you in your self care and healing through erotic exploration. If this makes sense to you; like I said earlier, I want to ‘hold space’ for you to explore while I support you and guide you.

When you’re ready to reach out; first you’ll fill out my pre-call questionnaire ; where you can tell me anything you’d like me to know ahead of our first time together. For a session over 1 hour; I prefer scheduling an appointment (just fill out my scheduling form or email me scarlet@enchantrixempire.com).