audiologoAccording to urban dictionary the definition of a cream pie is:

An Internal Cum Shot

An internal cum shot……..a man cumming deep inside of a woman. Deep inside. We both know that you don’t have the capability of cumming deep inside of a woman. We both know that you are a cuckold, don’t we?

You Are A Cuckold

For your slut wife or hot girlfriend to receive a real cream pie, she needs to be with a real man. A capable man. A man with a sufficiently sized cock to leave that hot cream pie deep inside of her. Right where she wants it. And what happens after she receives that cream pie? It’s time for you to do some cum eating.

You Clean It Up

You wait for her to come home. Knowing that she is going to have sticky wet thighs and dirty panties. You crave it. It turns you on. Your little prick stands at attention as you fantasize about cleaning up the cream pie she’s brought you. She climbs up onto the bed, slips her panties off and spreads her legs wide. She calls you to the bedroom and tells you it’s time for you to……

Lick It Clean

You climb up onto the bed, staring at the beautiful mess waiting for you. You settle in right between her thighs and take a moment to close your eyes and just inhale. Breathing in the smell of her dirty cream pie. You can’t wait any longer. You extend your tongue and start to lick. Sliding your tongue up and down before finding it’s way deep inside where the thickest of the cream is waiting for you.

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