Two of my absolute favorite things, quite literally, come together! A delicious, dark cup of coffee and cum eating! I’m calling this ‘cream with your coffee’! It’s not a new idea, but it’s one I haven’t visited in a while. Just this week; I had two experiences with it. I think I should start a club – the cream and coffee club!

Coffee, guided masturbation and cum eating instructions – are you ready to sign up? For some men that are new at eating their cum; it’s helpful to blend their cum with something tasty – like coffee! Did you see the cocktail recipes I posted a few weeks ago? Cum Mixology 101

Let me tell you about one particularly hot experience I had with adding some cream to coffee. I had someone in a skype session, completely naked and exposed on cam for me. We were doing what we usually do, having some hot conversation while he masturbated his little dick and ate his pre-cum for me. While we were talking; he confessed to having a big, new dildo. Well, this was either a blessing or a mistake because I decided to incorporate it into the ‘big finish’!

Want to know what happened? Imagine holding a dildo over your coffee cup and pouring hot, thick cream right down the shaft and over the tip – directly into the waiting java below. Then, dipping the shaft into the coffee and giving it a nice ‘swirl’. Mmmmmmmm! I doubt you can order this concoction at any local Starbucks! Don’t even try it! (No, seriously, don’t try it!)

Want to know what made it the absolute hottest session he and I have ever had? When I convinced him to take several looooooooong sips from his mug! Cum eating at it’s finest! Well done!

So, when are we having coffee?

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