Listen to me talk about Cuckold Fantasies

Let’s continue our tour of the vast LDW Universe…..we (I) cater to many fetishes. I’m no ‘one trick’ Mistress! There are so many experiences and fantasies to explore! Let’s go!

So far; I’ve taken you to visit The Daily CockSuck PatrolTalk To Me 123 and Spoiled Princess Palace

It is my pleasure to tell you all about one of my favorite fetish specific sites – Cuckold – you should go take a peek! Don’t worry; just looking at the website won’t turn you into a cuckold! If you’re still not sure what a cuckold is; let me give you my version of the definition.

A cuckold, put most simply, is a man who is with a woman that is having sex with other men.

There are many types of cuckolds and many ways to explore this hot wife fetish. We can discuss it in a loving, sensual way or I can be humiliating and demeaning about it! You may wish to be included in your girl’s sexcapades, you could dream about being a cuckold fluffer or you might want to be kept in the dark. It all depends on the relationship you wish to have with your cuckold Mistress.

As you know; I’ve created a six part check list to help you determine if you are or if you should be a cuckold. Now you can also explore our fetish specific website designed just for men with a cuck fetish!

My listing there can be found through this link. You can also listen to my audio that is specific to that site right here.

Can’t wait to show you somewhere new next time!


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