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Last year I started speaking with a man that was having trouble realizing that he was a cuckold. After some calls together; we created a list of the six major factors that would let a man know that he indeed was a cuckold. ……

I was able to help Richard realize that he should be cuckolded by his wife.

Now I want to help you realize it.

Go through this list and see how many of these apply to you – then, call me or have a chat session with me so that we can talk about how to proceed……………………

  1. You are unable to give partner an orgasm through penile penetration.
  2. Your penis is less than 5″ inches in length.
  3. You always have a premature ejaculation; i.e. in less than 5 minutes of penetration.
  4. You have small, tight balls.
  5. When given a handjob by your partner your semen only dribbles into your belly button.
  6. You are a chronic masturbator.

How many of these applied to you? Was it all six? Truthfully; it only has to be just one that applies to make you a cuckold prospect. This list could be many pages long but these are the main attributes that I have found cuckolds to have in common.

You don’t deserve a woman like her. You don’t deserve a woman like me. Only a real prick deserves us.

Let’s talk about your future cuckold lifestyle. Let’s talk about your hot wife.

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